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Post lunch tiredness?!

Many people go through the above, around about 2-3pm.

If this is you, you need to address your daily, food, and primarily your lunch.

If you’re eating a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar, you need to change this! You’re taking in too many carbohydrates, and too many sugary ones too.

Switch to some lower GI, slower burnings carbs, and integrate some good fats, and protein.

A favourite of mine at the moment is;
Water cress and rocket salad Base
Cottage Cheese
Chilli infused beetroot
Live sprouts
Avocado oil.

The above is full of protein, good fats and enzyme rich foods that will assist the digestive system and help transport nutrients to the body for energy.

Ditch the sluggish, processed foods, and go for live, colourful, vibrant foods as this is how you’re daily energy levels will duplicate the food you eat!

SAQ drills and training styles

I spent last week with Nick Grantham and Duncan French, 2 of the UK’s top S&C coaches on a 3 day internship.

Not only did it open my eyes to coaching and programme design, but to how ineffective some people workout, and how, with just 10mins you can get a full body, furnace blasting session in!!

For the first time, I was introduced to proper, SAQ drills. Man this stuff is intense!

It works on not only co-ordination (needs to be improved), balance (as per #1), and speed work (and some!)

Short strides, minimal ground contact, low centre of gravity, it’s all common sense, but when put into a routine, you can see the effectiveness of structured drills, in just rounds of 20-30secs.

You’re muscles get a great workout, as does your cardiovascular system, and the DOM’s that are associated with 2-3 10mins rounds are a newbie!

Change your standard routine.

Workout intensely, but with controlled speed and watch the difference! I’m certainly going to be including this stuff in my sessions!

Ebooks for Fat Loss, Fitness and Health!

I’ve just published 2 new ebooks that WILL get you results!
Both books are over 65 pages in content, so you can rest assured I’ve put time and effort into both!

The first, is a BodyFit “Home” Bootcamp ebook. It contains 11 workouts you can do at home, in the park or the gym, with zero equipment required. There is a nutrition plan that will help you drop a clothes size in 21 days, supplement info, and a 2 week food plan to follow!
Click here to view/purchase!

The second, will work equally well alongside the above, or by itself – Over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It also includes a 4 week, day by day food plan to ensure health, better energy and fat loss. At just £15 this is a steal.
Click here to view more or purchase!

THE most important mineral you WILL be deficient in!

Over 80% of people are deficient in Magnesium.
This can affect you in so many ways, from sugar cravings, muscle cramps, constant waking in the night, cravings and mood swings around the time of the month for women and more. I’ll be writing a more comprehensive article in the future, but thought I’d share with you 2 comments from my bootcampers this week;

“I have been using this Magnesium spray for about 6 weeks now, and the effect it has had on my sleep was almost instant. I used to struggle to get to sleep; tossing and turning for hours, even though I was absolutely knackered. I used to wake each morning feeling completely worn out. The first time I used this spray it did sting quite a lot, but that only lasted about 10 mins, and the slight discomfort is well worth it because it has had a massive impact on my sleep. I get to sleep much quicker now, and I wake less during the night.

I was amazed that it worked so quickly. I was a little bit sceptical about how much a spray could really help. But it did. It has also helped with my sweet cravings, I just don’t get them anymore. And I have also found that it doesn’t sting anywhere near as much as it used to. I wouldn’t be without it now.

“I have been using the spray now for 2 weeks, I had it in the cupboard for 5 weeks, but never thought to use it, until I mentioned to Mark that my chocolate cravings were getting out of control and were keeping me awake at night. The first time I used the spray it worked and I slept like a log and have done ever since plus all my chocolate cravings have disappeared completely. Mark your a Hero!!! ;0))”

Go try some now! Locate transdermal magnesium oil if you can, the absorption and effect is much better than tablet format!

Round 2 of Xtreme Bootcamp

The “Select 6” tackled the “94 steps of Hell” and it was pouring with rain.

If you want results, they will happen in ANY weather, not just the sun! Get out of your comfort zone, and you’ll get results!

Click HERE to view the VIDEO of Xtreme Bootcamp #2 from Mark Raynsford on Vimeo.

Xtreme BodyFit Bootcamp

We run some very successful bootcamps around Surrey, and have just started our first 4 week round of Xtreme Bootcamps, for 6 people only!
At our “regular” bootcamps, everything is bodyweight – the Xtreme version uses various pieces of equipment, combined with short, sharp intervals.

Below is an excerpt from the first round. Email me through the BodyFit Bootcamp website if you’d like more information or to book in!