THE most important mineral you WILL be deficient in!

Over 80% of people are deficient in Magnesium.
This can affect you in so many ways, from sugar cravings, muscle cramps, constant waking in the night, cravings and mood swings around the time of the month for women and more. I’ll be writing a more comprehensive article in the future, but thought I’d share with you 2 comments from my bootcampers this week;

“I have been using this Magnesium spray for about 6 weeks now, and the effect it has had on my sleep was almost instant. I used to struggle to get to sleep; tossing and turning for hours, even though I was absolutely knackered. I used to wake each morning feeling completely worn out. The first time I used this spray it did sting quite a lot, but that only lasted about 10 mins, and the slight discomfort is well worth it because it has had a massive impact on my sleep. I get to sleep much quicker now, and I wake less during the night.

I was amazed that it worked so quickly. I was a little bit sceptical about how much a spray could really help. But it did. It has also helped with my sweet cravings, I just don’t get them anymore. And I have also found that it doesn’t sting anywhere near as much as it used to. I wouldn’t be without it now.

“I have been using the spray now for 2 weeks, I had it in the cupboard for 5 weeks, but never thought to use it, until I mentioned to Mark that my chocolate cravings were getting out of control and were keeping me awake at night. The first time I used the spray it worked and I slept like a log and have done ever since plus all my chocolate cravings have disappeared completely. Mark your a Hero!!! ;0))”

Go try some now! Locate transdermal magnesium oil if you can, the absorption and effect is much better than tablet format!


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