Ebooks for Fat Loss, Fitness and Health!

I’ve just published 2 new ebooks that WILL get you results!
Both books are over 65 pages in content, so you can rest assured I’ve put time and effort into both!

The first, is a BodyFit “Home” Bootcamp ebook. It contains 11 workouts you can do at home, in the park or the gym, with zero equipment required. There is a nutrition plan that will help you drop a clothes size in 21 days, supplement info, and a 2 week food plan to follow!
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The second, will work equally well alongside the above, or by itself – Over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It also includes a 4 week, day by day food plan to ensure health, better energy and fat loss. At just £15 this is a steal.
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Healthy Flapjacks!

I don’t tend to follow a recipe, but here is the ingredients;
Healthy Flapjacks!
– Oats
– Rice Milk to make moist
– Spoonful of Greens powder
– 2 handfuls Cacao Nibs
– 2 table spoonsHoney
– 4 tablespoons Organic Peanut Butter
– 3-4 scoops Brown Rice Protein
– a good shake of Pumpkin Seeds
– tablespoon Flaxseed powder

Mix everything to a moist consistency, and then into the oven, 170degrees for 20mins or so, leave to cool and cut.
I needed to make this batch a little moister, hence their falling apart!

Burn calories while you eat?!

It is almost hard to believe, but there is such a thing as burning calories by eating.
The negative calorie foods speeds up your metabolism and therefore can help with your weight loss efforts.
You can eat bigger portions and more often and yet burn more calories, because your body will use more energy for digestion. So for example, you will eat a fruit that has 40 calories but your body needs 100 calories to digest the fruit, which means that your body will burn 60 calories .

One of my favorite vegetable is celery and I am using it quite often, sometimes with organic peanut butter. A stick of celery that contains 5 calories requires 150 calories to digest, so by eating this piece of celery, you are actually burning 145 calories! All of these negative calorie foods also contain all kinds of vitamins and minerals so they are like a natural and healthy fat burning supplements.
It is much better solution to include in your diet a lot of negative calorie foods that will speed up your metabolism, then starving yourself and do exactly the oposite. Remember that in order to lose weight permanently you have to boost your metabolism and you can do that by eating every 2-3 hours. You should not limit your daily diet only to the negative calorie foods, because your body need other sources of nutrients as well. Aim to eat these foods as your between meal snacks.

Include some low fat meat, dairy products and whole grains – basically stick with the clean eating, exercise regularly and you will soon start to see dramatic results.

Some of the calorie negative foods include broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrot, garlic, onion, courgette, lettuce, green beans, mango, apple, cranberry, grapefruit, papaya, watermelon, peach, orange, lemon, cranberry, blueberries, strawberry, tomato, raspberry, spinach, cucumber.

Fat Loss Tip #5 – Healthy Snacks


A lot of people go wrong here, by making the wrong choices, either through a lack of planning or self-control.

How many times have you been hungry mid-morning or afternoon, are in a rush and reach for the nearest item, often something pre-packaged like a bag of crisps, chocolate bar or biscuit, or the vending machine?

The snacks are often high calorie, contain high levels of sugar (tip#1) and contain minimal beneficial calories. Chances are you’ll soon be hungry again in a few minutes and will reach for the next fix/stimulant.

Aim for snacks which are likely to keep you feeling full til the next meal, but also something that will be of benefit to the body, both in nutritional content and balanced for your insulin levels.

Great choices would be;

– chopped raw vegetables

– A protein bar or protein ball (see this post on my blog https://markpt.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/your-own-protein-bounce-ball/)

– a piece of fruit or some berries, along with a few nuts or a piece of goats cheese(this ‘good’ fat will slow the release of the fruit sugars into the body, minimising insulin release)

– Celery with peanut butter

– Oatcake or Ryvita with cottage cheese

– Small pot of greek yoghurt with berries and seeds

– Parma ham with melon

– Crudite with hummous

All it takes is some preparation the night before, and you will have no excuses for going “off-track” and you’re energy levels will thankyou for that extra prep!

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain challenge!!

The first round of the 4 week Transformation challenge was a great success over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum. I supply the workouts, the nutrition plan, all free, you just keep posting with your progress and questions, follow the plans, and get the results….easy!!

This time round I’ve also added a “Gainers” challenge, for those looking to add on a bit of lean muscle.

If you want in, it starts Monday 6th July, is free and you just need to signup to my forum, upload a profile pic, be prepared to post on the forum, and be prepared for fat loss and muscle gain results!


See you there!

Be prepared with your food!


If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, you have to be like a boy scout, and be prepared with your food.

If you’re not prepared, you’ll go hours without food, you’ll miss meals, your blood sugar levels will crash, increasing fat storing enzymes, and you’ll leave yourself open to emergency/panic food selections, which often lead to the wrong choices.

I train PT clients who are often on the road, driving to clients throughout the day. I advise them to prepare their snacks and food the night before; place snacks like chopped vegetables, nuts, protein balls etc into tupperware pots so they are easily accessible and portable. If they don’t have them, they will either miss their snack break, or they will lose motivation and resort to a service station.

This week I travel to my parents in France. I know the food there can be high in fat (cheese),  not ideal (french bread), and limited in choice as we aren’t too near to the supermarkets. Therefore I’ve stocked up on beef jerky, protein bars, and ensured our shopping of oats, lean meat, fruit and vegetables is pre-ordered (via the parents!!)


Be a boy scout, and be prepared – it eliminates one of the routes to failure!

Running isn’t the answer to a great body!

treadmill running
One of my PT clients who has been with me for around 4 weeks has put up the following post on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum.
It’s such a good post, I thought I’d share it with you all, and hopefully it may help those of you who may run to lose weight, or who struggle to lose the last few pounds of fat.
“OK, so I have actually cheated a little with the transformation challenge… Alongside following the nutrition plan and exercises, I also joined up for some PT from Mark in the lead up to my wedding… 16.5 weeks to go guys, and I want to look perfect in that dress and a hotty on the beach on honeymoon for my new hubby to be… So, it is time to get serious.

I have always been on diets, WW, Slimmer’s World etc and although I am not massive, my body shape has never changed. I am/was an avid runner, and always adopted the attitude that if I had been a little bit naughty on the food side (or, more typically, booze side), I’d just run off the calories. Hours have been spent on a treadmill! But my shape never really changed and I remain a constant size 12 – varying between a big 12 and a normal 12…

So, off I go to see Mark, with a little breakdown of my current fitness regime, thinking, I’m going to be top of the class because I am FIT! No, no, no! I have no muscles! Anywhere! (Well, some but very limited)… All this running, and no muscles?… And spending an hour or more in the gym in each session… What the hell! And then I had to have a caliper test thing – ok, so having met Mark for approximately 30 mins, the last thing you want is for your layers of fat to be grabbed in a fancy instrument that resembles something you used to draw circles with! Hideous! But this is all part of the service, and the results were very interesting. I have hormone imbalances (my fiance could have told you that!) which leads to fat build up in certain areas (I would call it thunder thighs, Mark, very kindly, said “child bearing hips”) and now I have vits and supplements to hopefully help with this, as well as a change in my exercise routine – I’ll keep you posted on how those thighs are doing…

So, grudgingly, I have changed my workouts to be weights and resistance based rather than running and I can see the changes already – like, I can nearly see a line in my leg where the hamstring(?) is, and bum and arms not so wobbly. The time in the gym goes so much quicker and I can now fit it into my working week – 45 mins is much easier to fit into before work than an hour and a half! I did have to get over feeling like a numpty in the corner of the gym doing squats and jump lunges but, if you actually look around you, the women with the toned bodies are also using the free weights and not necessarily obsessing on the treadmill…

Another new lesson for me is that weight is really controlled by nutrition, and cannot necessarily be countered with hours on a runner. I also went to Mark with a copy of my starvation diet which incorporated a special k bar for breakfast, a salad or fruit for lunch and a stir fry in the evening – very hard to keep going with over a prolonged amount of time… Now, I have been re-educated, and not so hungry all the time. For me, not eating wheat and dairy has definitely helped in not feeling so bloated anymore. And it’s funny, after 4 weeks of saying no to the breadbasket, it’s not even a temptation anymore. I do love pasta though, so will make this a special treat once in a while……”

Does any of the above ring true with you’re diet or workout regime?!!
In reponse to this, I said;
“I see so many women/men out running, and obviously new to training, in an attempt to lose weight. Yes you’ll lose some at the beginning as you will with any form of exercise due to it being something that you haven’t done before, and obvisously more than you’ve done before! BUT, after a while results will dry up as will the weight loss, and most people then give up.
Bascially you’re body has got used to the running and the distance your doing, and so the only way to keep results coming is to run for longer, and then longer and longer etc (who really wants to work out for a long time?!!) or you have to start running harder and faster to change the intensity, which is also what most people don’t like….the hard work!!
Anyhow, running will not shape or change your body shape. Too many people get left with shapeless arms, legs, stomachs and bums, because they’re not really using any muscles with enough resistance to shape them.
You have to use resistance training to shape your body – be it by itself or alongside your running.

Sure if you enjoy running, then still do it, but ensure you add in some bodyweight sessions or weight sessions, as you won’t get results alone with running.

Another common mistake people make (and I’m sure my client won’t mind me saying this?!) but when she joined she only really wanted to lose about 4-5lb, and that was her focus every week, the scales, to lose a few pounds.
If you have a lot of weight to lose, then fair enough, but when we’re talking a few pounds it can become “obsessive” in the fact that bodyweight can shift a few pounds during the day, down to fluid intake, food eaten that day etc etc, so you’re never really going to get a true reading for a few pounds, and could well get upset that you’ve lost 0.5lb a week etc etc.

Therefore we changed the emphasis of workouts from weightloss to intensitythe keyword!
I told her to enjoy her workouts, to put in maximum effort each time she trains, to challenge herself. Run that bit faster than last time, push a few extra reps than last time, and if you truely can say you’ve worked out hard each week, and you’ve been eating sensibly, there is NO WAY you’re body will not change!
Having a competitive streak, this is working a treat, and it’s pretty hard to keep her from busting a gut every day!

Remember, the workouts are the stimulus for your body, but it will only change through rest and nutrition, so ensure this is a key priority!!

Workout smart, Eat smart, workout hard, workout with resistance and intensity and you’ll get the body you are after!
Did you start out this way, and now have results from resistance training? Let us know your results and how you go them!