The 3 i’s is not the answer!

Heard a great interview with Sportscoach Mike Boyle the other day, talking about soft tissue injuries, and how “specialists” rely on the 3 i’s to alleviate the problem, without actually getting to the root cause of the problem.


If you visit a doctor or “specialist” the first thing they will tell you to do, is to take anti-inflammatories for the first 5 days or so – the 1st ” i ” ! The only time this is likely to resolve the problem, and long term is if the injury was as a result of an external resistance, such as an impact, or sprain or strain.


If you find this didn’t work (most cases of a kinetic dysfunction, which will continue to push and pull the body out of alignment) you’ll pop back to see Mr Specialist and he’ll probably prescribe ” i ” number 2 – the injection or cortisone injection. Cortisone can be quite damaging to the bodies tissues, and is regarded as a “stay away” form of treatment by many professionals. It acts by pooling around the inflammation and treating the inflammation – again, this is treating the symptom but not the initial cause of the injury.

If you then find after a few weeks/months the pain is still there (which will be the case if not immediately apparent) you go back for the 3rd “ i ” – incision. (I won’t post a picture of this!!) “Let’s open up the area and take a look” – in other words, I’ve got no idea what’s happening, let’s go and poke around and see! Again, if they do perform surgery, it’s only in an attempt to resolve the immediate issue – it’s won’t correct the initial cause!!

I had exactly this issue about 5 years ago. Started getting a continual pain in my left shoulder, which became worse with overhead movements. Luckily I had private medical cover, so got to see “the” shoulder specialist in Surrey. After injections and MRI scans, he gave me a cortisone injection, this failed, so I had a second about 4 weeks later. He said that if that one didn’t work, they’d perform “investigative surgery” – thankfully the cortisone resolved the pain! I performed rotator cuff exercises, which has now strengthened the shoulder, but I’ve also worked on my tight Quadratus Lamborum (lower back muscle!) which was the initial cause of the shoulder issue as I’d taken up gold around that time, and this tightness was limiting my range of rotation, which in turn affected my shoulder movement.

Not once did “Mr Specialist” attempt to find the cause of the injury, nor was he concerned about what I should do post-injection to ensure it didn’t happen again. If I knew then what I do now (how many times has that been said?!” I may well have had a debate with him over treatment and prevention methods, but I just accepted what he said.

If you have a muscle imbalance, this will invariably cause a dysfunction within your kinetic chain and cause pain at some point, often referred. Seek out a qualified therapist or Kinetic Chain Specialist and find the root cause of your injury – this will not only ensure the real problem is resolved, but you should becoming stronger and pain-free for more than a few months!


Child Obesity taken to a new level…


A story in one of today’s paper has taken child obesity levels to a new level.

A “mum” of 24, is feeding her 8 month old triplets around 1,400 kcals a day, including crisps, McDonalds and other processed rubbish.

“They like the taste of them and it’s a treat. I let the triplets eat fries off my plate as I think it’s best they try all kinds of food to see what they like.”

Leanne steers away from healthy foods in case it makes her tots anorexic. She said: “I don’t want them to think they have to watch what they eat. I’ll tell them big is beautiful.”

Disgusting really, and if you want to read the full report, click here.

Some people are just brain dead.

No matter what the challenge stick to it, and enjoy the results!


This weekend I spent 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, preparing the ground, putting up a shed and staining it!!!

For me this was a big thing as I am cr@pat DIY! Honestly, I’m rubbish! I enlisted the help of my neighbour Jon, who gave some guidance and manual help throughout the weekend, and by 6pm Sunday, it was finished! Just look how pleased my daughter is running around!! Ha!

It’s not a check out my shed post! It’s a “I knew it had to be done, I knew I had the weekend to do it in, it’s done, and I’m really happy with it”

The same should be said with your health/fitness and weight loss goals. Set your target (exactly what you want to do), decide when you’re doing to have this finished by (go for exact dates, not just in a few weeks, otherwise my shed would never be finished!), and then sit back and be happy with your results when you get there! It feels so good when you achieve something that seems a long way off at first, but once done you will know you worked hard towards achieving it and that’s what counts.


Congratulation also to Fiona and Sarah from my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum who both completed the marathon at the weekend in 3hr 42mins, and 4hrs 1min – great work girls, another show of goal setting, commitment, training and rewards!

Go  for it, choose your goal, set your targets, work had and achieve!

Next time your commitment wavers…







Watched a great docu-film this weekend, called “Murderball”. Murderball is similar to Rugby/Amercian football, for paraplegics. These guys have lost limbs, or lost the use of limbs through illness, accidents, and injuries, but have found a sport, trained seriously, and competed in their Olympics within the sport.

It is a great docu-film showing the commitment and dedication by a group of people who won’t let their “disabilities” hold them back, and show that through hard work you can achieve great things.

It makes a mockery of some peoples attempts to achieve results, often small, and how people’s will power can disappear at the first sign of a challenge.

Watch this docu-film, see how everyday people who have been struck by a life-changing moment, do not give up on life, and how through hard work, dedication and focus can achieve great things.

It should make you thankful for being fully-abled, and should make you re-address your goals and targets.

Be thankful, and do something worthwhile.

Why are you doing that?!



I was at the gym yesterday, and as usual (!) saw some bizarre things.

There was an older guy on the X-trainer. He was pretty thin, but had some real bad kyphosis (rounding of the upper back), and to help this get worse, he had the X-trainer ramp as high as it could go, was bend over forward to work against gravity, and was slowly chugging the wheels round!!


He would probably say, to make it harder – but why not keep it flatter, keep good posture and increase the resistance. Or better still, get off the X-trainer and use the bike (another non-weight bearing exercise) and perform some short intervals?

Next up were some younger “lads” who were doing some sets of squats on the smith machine. Their feet were so far forward they were almost angled backwards, to keep the bar on their shoulders. They finished these, came straight over to the dumbell rack, picked the heaviest dumbells and started gurning through 2 sets of rolling shrugs. They dumped the weights down, and went home! No stretching, cool down – nothing. Good luck in the morning!

The point I’m trying to make here is, and what you should ask yourself before every workout or exercise is;

“Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve with this workout or exercise?”

Too many people will go into the gym and perform the same workouts or exercises, without even thinking if it’s good for them or the benefits or disadvanatages of them.

For example, if you’ve got kyphosis, your aim should be on stretching out the Pec muscles, which are rounding  your shoulders forward, and you should be peforming retraction exercises like bent over rows, cable rows, rear flyes, all to help retract the shoulders, and hopefully correct posture.

If you’ve got weak glutes, flat feet, or knee pain, you should be stretching your quads, hip flexors, and perfoming glute exercises like single leg bridges, 1 leg touchdowns, then move onto lunges and squats.


So next time you’re in the gym, think about what you’re doing before you head to the bench press, or leg press, and ask,

“What do I need to work on, and what am I trying to achieve?” With these questions your answers should provide a more effective workout.

Your diet decides all!


No matter how well you exercise, if your diet isn’t healthy, regular, and balanced, you won’t get the body you’re after.

Don’t believe me?!…………

I was driving to one of my Personal Training clients this morning, when I stopped at some roadworks. Next to the lights, was a building site, where there were guys lumping crates of bricks, pieces of timber, generally a lot of heavy manual work.

They probably do this day in day out for most of the year – so basically working out every day, for about 8 hours a day (give or take their 2 hour lunch and tea breaks!)

However, the sun was out, and so what I saw was not finely toned bodies, and rippling six packs, but reasonable looking arms, and big stomachs overhanging trousers and belts, and generally looking like a bad sight! (no pun!)

Now surely when they’re working out daily under such physical stress, they should be in shape? Not really, when you look at their diet, and the front dashboard of their vans, where there are bottles of coke, packets of crisps, pasties, cakes and other chocolate. These guys live on fat, processed food and stimulants!

Change your diet, and compliment the hard work you put into your workouts, and you’ll get the rewards you’re after!

Well, they’ve arrived!



Well, following my post on 7th April, and keeping ahead of the game, these Fat Loss pills have hit the UK, with no need for prescription, as I saw when walking past Boots today, and seeing a big poster in the window. (I’m not gonna name them, and give them further marketing)

I can just see the visit’s to the doctors becoming more and more frequent, leaving those that need GP’s advice and treatment, being pushed to the back of the queue.

The power of marketing…….

These pills do nothing  for your health, it doesn’t even look like they do anything for the fat already in you’re body – so really pretty pointless.

Do tell me if you feel otherwise, but yet again it’s something brought out to give people an “easy option” when trying to lose weight.

Face it, the only way to lose weight, and get fit at the same time is through sensible nutrition and exercise.

Don’t look for the easy option. Work hard, put in the effort, and you will have results to be proud of and talk about.