Results and your lifestyle

I was at the gym the other day working out, and their was a corporate poster on the wall which read “Book a Personal Training session today to gain results that fit in with your lifestyle.”

At first I couldn’t actually workout what this mean’t. Obviously they were trying to suggest results were easy, and anyone could get them.

However, this is very wrong and misleading. People become overweight, and out of shape due to their lifestyle, not because they’ve missed a few gym or PT sessions.

Results don’t come by fitting your exercise and nutritional habits in with your current lifestyle, if you are already out of shape and overweight. Yes, you have to fit them in with your daily life, but to get REAL results, you need to change your lifestyle and eating and exercise habits if you want to have a better life.

I hear too many people talking about how they “worked out” this morning so it’s ok to have a takeaway or a binge drink at the pub. Sure, every now and then these things will happen, but you cannot use them as justifiers – because then you are fitting your eating and exercise habits around your lifestyle.

Commit to a plan, both nutritionally and with exercise and ensure that your daily habits and routines change. People get stuck in a rut, and therefore results will too.

A change in body will occur with hard work and a change in lifestyle, period!


What’s your reason?


Everyone should have a reason. I’m not just talking about a reason to exercise, but a reason why you go to work, a reason why you eat what you do, a reason why you feel unhappy with something, a reason why you look forward to doing something. A reason is just like having a “target”, it is the outcome of what you are currently doing.

These reasons, should be thought about, written down, and focused on, because at the end of the day they are the reason for living!!

You should write down your “reason(s)” and think about it/them everytime you are due to workout, everytime there is a chance you could “fall off the rails” with your diet, every time you lack motivation, every time something doesn’t go to plan at work, or when you come across one of those “I can’t be bothered days”.

Your reasons could be;

– I’m getting married in X amount of days and want to be in my best shape

– I’m on holiday in x weeks and want to have that beach body

– I want to be successful at my job, and earn X amount of £ or $ this year

– We have a history of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases in the family, and I don’t want to go the same route

– I don’t want to be obese any more

– I know someone who is less able than me, and if they can stay strong and get through everyday with a smile on their face, I’m damn sure I can

– I want to be able to run around with my kids when they’re X years old, not huffing and puffing and telling them “in a minute!”

– I don’t want high cholesterol

– I don’t want back pain anymore

– I don’t want to go back to how I used to live/looked

– I want to be an example to my children

– I want to “Livestrong” (thanks to Lance Armstrong! Another show of determination and effort)

Don’t wait for the next day. Decide what you want and action it. Only you can control your actions and your outcome.

“What’s your reason?”