What’s the big deal?!

Came out in the papers today that David Beckham has asthma, and was “spotted” using an inhaler.

So?! It’s been reported as though he has a terminal disease!

OK, sure it’s good that this has come out, and they say his branding and marketing has covered this up to give him a “cleaner than clean” image. If this is the case that’s pretty poor.

But on the other hand, it is supposedly mild, and why should he need to declare it?! It’s not a lethal weapon!

Hopefully this will show youngsters or others that exercise can still be performed, even at a high level, if you do have such “limiting” factors or medical issues.

At the end of the day if you focus on your goals, work hard towards them, nothing should stop you from achieving them.


Surrey Bootcamp and fitness results in any weather!


This last week we have had some terrible weather in the UK, with strong winds and heavy rain.

However, I still had 35 dedicated people turn up to my 2 bootcamps in the pouring rain!

I said to them at the end, that they should be proud of themselves for turning out in such weather and putting in the effort that they did.  I also stated that there were probably hundreds of people throughout the country who didn’t even make it to their “warm and cosy gym” because it was “warmer and more comfy” to stay at home.

It’s this sort of commitment that gets people results. Fat Loss and Fitness does not only occur when the sun is shining, or at certain times of the day.

Training in a group environment certainly helps with motivation levels and commitment, as you see other people around you putting in maximum effort, and everyone is “in the same boat”.

Get yourself some training goals, a training partner, or even a bootcamp and remember that results come to those that want them, they won’t come to you!