Well, they’ve arrived!



Well, following my post on 7th April, and keeping ahead of the game, these Fat Loss pills have hit the UK, with no need for prescription, as I saw when walking past Boots today, and seeing a big poster in the window. (I’m not gonna name them, and give them further marketing)

I can just see the visit’s to the doctors becoming more and more frequent, leaving those that need GP’s advice and treatment, being pushed to the back of the queue.

The power of marketing…….

These pills do nothing¬† for your health, it doesn’t even look like they do anything for the fat already in you’re body – so really pretty pointless.

Do tell me if you feel otherwise, but yet again it’s something brought out to give people an “easy option” when trying to lose weight.

Face it, the only way to lose weight, and get fit at the same time is through sensible nutrition and exercise.

Don’t look for the easy option. Work hard, put in the effort, and you will have results to be proud of and talk about.