SAQ drills and training styles

I spent last week with Nick Grantham and Duncan French, 2 of the UK’s top S&C coaches on a 3 day internship.

Not only did it open my eyes to coaching and programme design, but to how ineffective some people workout, and how, with just 10mins you can get a full body, furnace blasting session in!!

For the first time, I was introduced to proper, SAQ drills. Man this stuff is intense!

It works on not only co-ordination (needs to be improved), balance (as per #1), and speed work (and some!)

Short strides, minimal ground contact, low centre of gravity, it’s all common sense, but when put into a routine, you can see the effectiveness of structured drills, in just rounds of 20-30secs.

You’re muscles get a great workout, as does your cardiovascular system, and the DOM’s that are associated with 2-3 10mins rounds are a newbie!

Change your standard routine.

Workout intensely, but with controlled speed and watch the difference! I’m certainly going to be including this stuff in my sessions!


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