Enhance your posture!

Everybody needs to work on their posture! Even me. Too many people in the gym worry about lifting the weight, as opposed to lifting in good posture. If you lift correctly, you’ll use more muscles through body recruitment.

I often talk to my bootcampers about stretching particular muscles, especially those that have a desk job. If you do, your hip flexors will be held in a short position, your shoulders will drop forward – all causing postural imbalances, and affecting your flexibility.

Follow this video daily, if you can hourly, it only takes about 45secs and you’ll notice an improvement in your posture within a week!


Results and your lifestyle

I was at the gym the other day working out, and their was a corporate poster on the wall which read “Book a Personal Training session today to gain results that fit in with your lifestyle.”

At first I couldn’t actually workout what this mean’t. Obviously they were trying to suggest results were easy, and anyone could get them.

However, this is very wrong and misleading. People become overweight, and out of shape due to their lifestyle, not because they’ve missed a few gym or PT sessions.

Results don’t come by fitting your exercise and nutritional habits in with your current lifestyle, if you are already out of shape and overweight. Yes, you have to fit them in with your daily life, but to get REAL results, you need to change your lifestyle and eating and exercise habits if you want to have a better life.

I hear too many people talking about how they “worked out” this morning so it’s ok to have a takeaway or a binge drink at the pub. Sure, every now and then these things will happen, but you cannot use them as justifiers – because then you are fitting your eating and exercise habits around your lifestyle.

Commit to a plan, both nutritionally and with exercise and ensure that your daily habits and routines change. People get stuck in a rut, and therefore results will too.

A change in body will occur with hard work and a change in lifestyle, period!

Why sit-ups are a waste of time!

I get asked at Bootcamps and PT sessions why we don’t do sit-ups!

These are thought of, by most, as THE exercise for a flat stomach! Wrong – magazines and alike will always talk about crunches and situps, but really, they are a waste of time, and could be more damaging than you think.

1) A flat stomach is made in the kitchen – you can crunch/exercise all day long, but if you’re not eating, clean, whole, natural foods, you won’t get anywhere near a flat stomach.

2) Your abdominals basically flex you at the waist/trunk, making you bend forward. As everyone has been told, you should bend at the knees, not at the lower back, especially when lifting a weight – therefore this automatically makes the sit-up redundant!!

3) How many calories do you burn doing 10, 20, 100 situps?!! Probably about 10!! Exercise should be all about burning calories, and using as many muscles for a movement/exercise as possible. THIS will burn calories, will increase your metabolism, will get your body moving as a unit, as it is designed to. THIS will help towards a flat stomach, thinner legs and arms etc!

4) How many people do you know that say “It’s hurts my back or neck when I do situps?” Again, people do it wrong, or it shows that the exercise isn’t working what it should!

5) How about those people that say I can do, or I do 100 situps a day! Well, obviously the exercise is too easy! Intensity is what exercise should be about – making something challenging – this is what gives the body a reason to change! You can’t do 100 chinups, or jump lunges or pressups or deadlifts etc etc – these exercises work the body and show that intensity works!!

6) Stick to core stability exercises like planks, side planks, supermans, rotation work like twists, and cable work, side flexion work. Get your body moving as it would do daily – not just in a forward and backward movement that you WILL not use in your daily life.

Exercise should be all about strengthening your body, and making your daily activities easier and more manageable – don’t waste your time with small, non-functional exercises.

Workout hard, workout smart, eat sensibly and your body WILL change for the better!