Ebooks for Fat Loss, Fitness and Health!

I’ve just published 2 new ebooks that WILL get you results!
Both books are over 65 pages in content, so you can rest assured I’ve put time and effort into both!

The first, is a BodyFit “Home” Bootcamp ebook. It contains 11 workouts you can do at home, in the park or the gym, with zero equipment required. There is a nutrition plan that will help you drop a clothes size in 21 days, supplement info, and a 2 week food plan to follow!
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The second, will work equally well alongside the above, or by itself – Over 50 recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. It also includes a 4 week, day by day food plan to ensure health, better energy and fat loss. At just £15 this is a steal.
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Prepare now for Christmas!!


Christmas is now just 8 weeks away – can you believe it?!!

With the average person gaining between 5-8lbs over the xmas period, now is the time, to start tightening the calories and getting the hard work in.

Not only to get yourself in good shape before the Christmas “overload” but chances are you have a Christmas party coming up and the chance to show yourself off!

Therefore, commit the next 6-8 weeks to hard work, (aim for 4-5 workouts a week, and not just cardio workouts!) minimise alcohol, certainly during the week remove it, and cut back on processed foods like takeaways and packaged food. Look after your body and the results will be visible to both yourself and others – surely everyone want to look good and get great comments?!

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ACT NOW – Christmas will come fast!

So just how much fat do you think you’ll lose?

treadmill runningOne of my forum members, has recently completed a 100mile “ultra marathon” – madness ?! Possibly, but if you find something you enjoy doing then it’s better than sitting on the sofa watching tv!!

Fiona has completed a few of these, so she knew what was ahead, and was hoping to finish in under 30hours ! Cutting a long story short, she finished in 29hrs 47mins, and under target! Through her approximate calculations, over the 30hours of continuous exercise, her “Weight loss over the weekend – about 5kg. Unfortunately, it’s mostly water not fat, so it’ll all go back on again. (crude calculation: 100ml = about 10,000 cals burned; less calories consumed = probably, around 2.5lb of fat loss max).”

So apart from highlighting her superb efforts to you, what is my point here?

Well, it’s to those people who choose to run or do steady state aerobics for the benefit of losing weight only. Not because they enjoy it, or like the challenge, but as a form of weight loss. Just look at what Fiona lost (approximately) by exercising continuously for 30hours……. 2.5lbs, ask youself, “So if that’s what she lost in 30hours, what is my 3x30min runs a week really going to do for fat loss?!!!”

Answer – not a lot really!

Fat loss is predominantly food, and what you choose to eat or not to eat.

Exercise should be for enjoyment, and yes, will assist fat loss, but should not be the main reason for doing it. Find something you enjoy doing, take the emphasis off of fat loss, and you should find that results will come with enjoyment.

Sometimes it’s better to do nothing!


I’m shattered! Have been pretty busy recently with PT and 6 Bootcamp classes a week, and this weekend was an accumulation of it all. Finished PT at around mid-day then and afternoon of kids stuff (with 18mnth old, 4 yr old and 3 yr old neighbour!) We had pre-planned to go out for a meal with friends Saturday night, and after getting there for 8pm, we didn’t start eating til 9.15pm. (I hate this! We normally eat around 5.30pm with the kids, and so my body is used to this. 9.15pm does not work!)

I decided to drive, as Wednesday last week I booked onto a “Hormone Profiling” course, similar to Bio-typing for Sunday!

So, we got home at about 11.30pm, to bed, the usual couple of wakeups in the night from children, and then up at 6.30am, breakfast and onto the train to London for the course. It was a fantastic course and lots of valuable information, but as those of you that have been on courses know, there’s a lot of mental stress as your brain “sucks” in the information.

By the time I got home it was 7pm, just in time to do bath and story times for kids, then some tea, emails, blog reports etc and it was bed time!

This morning I got up, shattered, at 6.30am to go an do a workout, as I knew I had 3 PT clients back to back.

BAD IDEA! I was wasted!! Got to the gym, did a minimal workout and attempted some weights – it just wasn’t there! No energy, interest, or spark. I decided to do some stretching, foam rolling, showered and went off to train.

It’s now 6pm, am just about to eat and am still run down! Still have a Bootcamp and PT client tonight before finishing at 9.30pm! I’m so looking forward to sleep!!

Sometimes, when you’re run down, it’s better not to work out. Even if it is a “workout day”, sometimes pushing things to the extreme will break the body down, cortisol levels will rise, and you’ll become ill.

It’s best, in these cases, to rest, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get to bed by 10pm. This is my plan – I’ll let you know how I go!

P.S. Information coming on hormone profiling, and how you CAN spot fat reduce, and shrink those problematic body areas!

Do you have trouble sleeping?


Do you ever find you wake up once, twice or more during the night, and find it hard to get back to sleep? During your deep sleep is when your body releases a large number of hormones related to body repair, and those that assist with weight loss through thyroid function, and also the bodies ability to deal and process glucose, again a possible weight issue.

Obviously drinking alcohol in the lead up to bedtime, caffeine within the last 5 hours before sleep, and large meals can affect sleep, but if you generally have trouble sleeping throughout the night, then maybe taking Zinc and Magnesium could be the answer?

Visit your local health store and buy some Zinc and Magnesium, and take one of each with water about 30mins before bed. You should find you sleep really well! Zinc is great for the immune system, and magnesium is known to relax the muscles in the body.

When taken together they aid sleep, and you should get a great nights sleep.

A number of my clients take then, and are really happy with the results. Give it a try and let me know…..zzzzz!!!

The 3 i’s is not the answer!

Heard a great interview with Sportscoach Mike Boyle the other day, talking about soft tissue injuries, and how “specialists” rely on the 3 i’s to alleviate the problem, without actually getting to the root cause of the problem.


If you visit a doctor or “specialist” the first thing they will tell you to do, is to take anti-inflammatories for the first 5 days or so – the 1st ” i ” ! The only time this is likely to resolve the problem, and long term is if the injury was as a result of an external resistance, such as an impact, or sprain or strain.


If you find this didn’t work (most cases of a kinetic dysfunction, which will continue to push and pull the body out of alignment) you’ll pop back to see Mr Specialist and he’ll probably prescribe ” i ” number 2 – the injection or cortisone injection. Cortisone can be quite damaging to the bodies tissues, and is regarded as a “stay away” form of treatment by many professionals. It acts by pooling around the inflammation and treating the inflammation – again, this is treating the symptom but not the initial cause of the injury.

If you then find after a few weeks/months the pain is still there (which will be the case if not immediately apparent) you go back for the 3rd “ i ” – incision. (I won’t post a picture of this!!) “Let’s open up the area and take a look” – in other words, I’ve got no idea what’s happening, let’s go and poke around and see! Again, if they do perform surgery, it’s only in an attempt to resolve the immediate issue – it’s won’t correct the initial cause!!

I had exactly this issue about 5 years ago. Started getting a continual pain in my left shoulder, which became worse with overhead movements. Luckily I had private medical cover, so got to see “the” shoulder specialist in Surrey. After injections and MRI scans, he gave me a cortisone injection, this failed, so I had a second about 4 weeks later. He said that if that one didn’t work, they’d perform “investigative surgery” – thankfully the cortisone resolved the pain! I performed rotator cuff exercises, which has now strengthened the shoulder, but I’ve also worked on my tight Quadratus Lamborum (lower back muscle!) which was the initial cause of the shoulder issue as I’d taken up gold around that time, and this tightness was limiting my range of rotation, which in turn affected my shoulder movement.

Not once did “Mr Specialist” attempt to find the cause of the injury, nor was he concerned about what I should do post-injection to ensure it didn’t happen again. If I knew then what I do now (how many times has that been said?!” I may well have had a debate with him over treatment and prevention methods, but I just accepted what he said.

If you have a muscle imbalance, this will invariably cause a dysfunction within your kinetic chain and cause pain at some point, often referred. Seek out a qualified therapist or Kinetic Chain Specialist and find the root cause of your injury – this will not only ensure the real problem is resolved, but you should becoming stronger and pain-free for more than a few months!

Your diet decides all!


No matter how well you exercise, if your diet isn’t healthy, regular, and balanced, you won’t get the body you’re after.

Don’t believe me?!…………

I was driving to one of my Personal Training clients this morning, when I stopped at some roadworks. Next to the lights, was a building site, where there were guys lumping crates of bricks, pieces of timber, generally a lot of heavy manual work.

They probably do this day in day out for most of the year – so basically working out every day, for about 8 hours a day (give or take their 2 hour lunch and tea breaks!)

However, the sun was out, and so what I saw was not finely toned bodies, and rippling six packs, but reasonable looking arms, and big stomachs overhanging trousers and belts, and generally looking like a bad sight! (no pun!)

Now surely when they’re working out daily under such physical stress, they should be in shape? Not really, when you look at their diet, and the front dashboard of their vans, where there are bottles of coke, packets of crisps, pasties, cakes and other chocolate. These guys live on fat, processed food and stimulants!

Change your diet, and compliment the hard work you put into your workouts, and you’ll get the rewards you’re after!