No matter what the challenge stick to it, and enjoy the results!


This weekend I spent 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, preparing the ground, putting up a shed and staining it!!!

For me this was a big thing as I am cr@pat DIY! Honestly, I’m rubbish! I enlisted the help of my neighbour Jon, who gave some guidance and manual help throughout the weekend, and by 6pm Sunday, it was finished! Just look how pleased my daughter is running around!! Ha!

It’s not a check out my shed post! It’s a “I knew it had to be done, I knew I had the weekend to do it in, it’s done, and I’m really happy with it”

The same should be said with your health/fitness and weight loss goals. Set your target (exactly what you want to do), decide when you’re doing to have this finished by (go for exact dates, not just in a few weeks, otherwise my shed would never be finished!), and then sit back and be happy with your results when you get there! It feels so good when you achieve something that seems a long way off at first, but once done you will know you worked hard towards achieving it and that’s what counts.


Congratulation also to Fiona and Sarah from my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum who both completed the marathon at the weekend in 3hr 42mins, and 4hrs 1min – great work girls, another show of goal setting, commitment, training and rewards!

Go  for it, choose your goal, set your targets, work had and achieve!


Next time your commitment wavers…







Watched a great docu-film this weekend, called “Murderball”. Murderball is similar to Rugby/Amercian football, for paraplegics. These guys have lost limbs, or lost the use of limbs through illness, accidents, and injuries, but have found a sport, trained seriously, and competed in their Olympics within the sport.

It is a great docu-film showing the commitment and dedication by a group of people who won’t let their “disabilities” hold them back, and show that through hard work you can achieve great things.

It makes a mockery of some peoples attempts to achieve results, often small, and how people’s will power can disappear at the first sign of a challenge.

Watch this docu-film, see how everyday people who have been struck by a life-changing moment, do not give up on life, and how through hard work, dedication and focus can achieve great things.

It should make you thankful for being fully-abled, and should make you re-address your goals and targets.

Be thankful, and do something worthwhile.