Sometimes it’s better to do nothing!


I’m shattered! Have been pretty busy recently with PT and 6 Bootcamp classes a week, and this weekend was an accumulation of it all. Finished PT at around mid-day then and afternoon of kids stuff (with 18mnth old, 4 yr old and 3 yr old neighbour!) We had pre-planned to go out for a meal with friends Saturday night, and after getting there for 8pm, we didn’t start eating til 9.15pm. (I hate this! We normally eat around 5.30pm with the kids, and so my body is used to this. 9.15pm does not work!)

I decided to drive, as Wednesday last week I booked onto a “Hormone Profiling” course, similar to Bio-typing for Sunday!

So, we got home at about 11.30pm, to bed, the usual couple of wakeups in the night from children, and then up at 6.30am, breakfast and onto the train to London for the course. It was a fantastic course and lots of valuable information, but as those of you that have been on courses know, there’s a lot of mental stress as your brain “sucks” in the information.

By the time I got home it was 7pm, just in time to do bath and story times for kids, then some tea, emails, blog reports etc and it was bed time!

This morning I got up, shattered, at 6.30am to go an do a workout, as I knew I had 3 PT clients back to back.

BAD IDEA! I was wasted!! Got to the gym, did a minimal workout and attempted some weights – it just wasn’t there! No energy, interest, or spark. I decided to do some stretching, foam rolling, showered and went off to train.

It’s now 6pm, am just about to eat and am still run down! Still have a Bootcamp and PT client tonight before finishing at 9.30pm! I’m so looking forward to sleep!!

Sometimes, when you’re run down, it’s better not to work out. Even if it is a “workout day”, sometimes pushing things to the extreme will break the body down, cortisol levels will rise, and you’ll become ill.

It’s best, in these cases, to rest, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get to bed by 10pm. This is my plan – I’ll let you know how I go!

P.S. Information coming on hormone profiling, and how you CAN spot fat reduce, and shrink those problematic body areas!