Fat Storage around the midsection

Everyone is predisposed to storing their fat stores in one place more than others(due to a hormone imbalance), be it the arms, the hips and bum, the love handles.
Let’s start with the tummy!

Those that store their “excess” around the front of the tummy, is often due to high cortisol, or stress hormones.
Yes, chances are you’re eating too much, but the fact that the majority of your weight is on your stomach, tells us you’re stress hormones are too high.

So what causes high cortisol levels?

– Work stress
– Family/Life Stress
– Going to bed late (past 11pm!)
– Food intolerances (cause internal stress)
– Exercise ( exercise is a form of stress, if you’re body is already in a stressed state and your working out intensely 5 times a week, thats a lot of additonal stress!)
– Alcohol
– Caffeine
– Smoking

So what Can happen?

Well when you’re body produces cortisol, it travels around your blood stream. A little, like a small amount of adrenaline is good, but too much and your body will actually start to break down. When you release too much and too often, your adrenal glands become over-worked, and can no longer produce adrenaline. Your body is literally spent.

-You will wake up feeling knackered, no matter how much sleep you’ve had, and will feel lethargic for the morning.
-Everything seems a chore, and there never seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
– You don’t really get going til late morning, after lunch
– You’re looking for the next caffeine hit to keep you going.
– You could crash out as soon as you get in from work
– Colds and illnesses take forever to clear up, and often return soon after, often in the form of a chest infection

I’ve had “Adrenal Fatigue” and it’s not great, you working on empty, and everything spins around you at 500mph.

So, if this sounds like you, what can you do about it?


Change it. It’s participated in getting you where you are, and hasn’t worked to it must change.
– Ditch those weekday drinks with friends
– Ditch the staying up til midnight to watch some cr@p TV
– Find ways to unwind in the evening, a stupid as it sounds breathing techniques or relaxtion for 10mins will do wonders for recharging the batteries and “zoning out” – trust me if you are “Spent” you will notice the difference.
– Book in for a Yoga or Tai Chi class once a week
– Get some Himilayan Bath Salts or Epsom Salts and have a 30min bath with these, they will rebalance your minerals and help you sleep.
– Get to bed by 10.30pm LATEST. Do this for a week and you’ll notice the difference. This doesnt mean watching TV in bed. Read for 10-15mins and then relax!
– Do not sleep in a room with Electronic equipment, or make it a minimum – mobile phones, bedside clocks, tv’s etc – make sure they are all switched off – otherwise they are continuously transmitting electronic waves.


Some of these foods have been found to reduce cortisol levels;
– Green leafy vegetables and dark fruits (blackberries, raspberries, blueberries etc)
– Stay away from sugars and caffeine as they will stimulate the body further and place additional stress on the adrenals. Eat more protein and fibre.
– Lots of natural mineral water
– Cut out excessive saturated fats as this will stress the liver
– Cut right back on alcohol due the the stress placed on liver and pancreas with insulin release, and dehydration.
– Try not to eat fruits for breakfast as you don’t want to “spike” your insulin. Some balanced scrambled egg on wholemeal toast will provide slow-release carbs, protein and fibre.
– Eat more raw veg during the day (chopped carrots, cucumber, celery, peppers) to maintain blood sugar an energy.


Certain supplements can help, but only combined with the lifestyle changes and food changes above.
– Zinc Citrate – take one before bed with a Magnesium Chloride spray and you will sleep wonders – a few of my clients will testify to this!
– Ashwaghanda – a herb which is known to help calm the body and adrenals
– Rhodiola Rosea – as above
– A good quality antioxidant can help out with cell regeneration

I hope this helps out. Again, don’t try to incorporate everything in one go, because if everything is already an effort, this will be too much. Go for the early to bed option first with some form of relaxation via the bath salts and zinc/magnesium.

Remember, our bodies are highly complex machines, if you’re always overloading them with various forms of stress then it will eventually break.
Feed it well, look after it, and you’ll have one to be proud of!