What gym kit?!!!


A few months back I got an email from Men’s Fitness magazine asking me if I’d like to contribute to an upcoming article “Which piece of kit should be in every gym”? You had 40 words to write your answer.

I straight away went for the TRX Suspension trainer. It’s a great piece of kit, very versatile and can be used in the gym, home or outside, working the whole body. So, I wrote my piece, emailed it off, and thought “It’s in the bag”, I’ll be in the next issue!!!

So, this month I pickup a copy in WH Smiths, and flick through. Interesting, a 2 page article on the TRX trainer and how you can work the whole body with this ingenious piece of kit….I like it, I must have my piece published as they’re running an article on the trainer?! So I turn the page to the feature in question.

Nope, I’m not there, so I read through the 4 Trainers who were selected and their suggestions for kit that should be in every gym;

1 – Kettlebells, Requires all muscle groups, especially the core, building strength throughout the body – (Fair enough, good choice, though there is a learning curve with kettlebells and you’re average gym go-er wouldn’t have a clue)

2- Resistance Bands – Excellent kit for strength and endurance exercises, perfect for limited space in the gym (WTF?! Strength? I haven’t seen anyone apart from bootcamps and rehabbers using these, and it’s there’s limited space in the gym you should talk to the management rather than resort to bands!)

3 – The Corestick – A bar with a weight in the centre utilising momentum to overload the abodminals, great for posture and muscle tone (Rubbish! Maybe if you want to do a gym class, but I’ve used one of these before, and all you get is a headache! Plus she used the phrase “improving muscle tone” which annoys me as muscle tone is just the muscle in a state of readiness, nothing to do with how to increase it. The day they become common in the gym, everyone should leave!

4 -(The best til last!) The Bosu Ball – Half inflated ball with a firm underside, with benefits in stability, strength and agility. Balancing on an unstable surface while exercising requires a real concentration and co-ordination. (Hell, maybe 5 years ago! Again, if these were in every gym -panic! They are great as a mini-trampoline buts that’s it! Not exactly functional training standing on one of these and exercising…how often will you do that in everyday life?!)

Then, to top things off, the article above, “The Big Debate”

“Is it Possible to Spot Reduce Fat?”

The “YES” guy is a Biosignature coach who talks about hormone imbalances and how you can re-balance the dysfunctional hormone and in turn-spot reduce.

The “NO” guy talks the usual “trainer” talk of how you’re body chooses where and how it removes fat, and how you must do a combination of resistance work and cardio work, yadda yadda yadda!!


So, am I bitter my article wasn’t included?!!

Ha ha !!! Well, maybe a small bit, but it just goes to show who is in charge of selecting the articles when some of the above is included, and just confirms the different levels of “trainers” out there.

Hey it’s Friday…..I can do what I like…..!!!

Have a good weekend! 🙂