How to succeed at fat loss

Happy Female Who Met Her Weight Loss GoalsWhen working towards fat loss results and success, there are 3 main keys for success. This has been proven with my PT clients, and should be followed if you want to drop fat and get results.


1) Set a specific goal and target. You must know what you want to achieve. Just losing some weight is not enough. How much? 7lbs? 14lbs? To fit back into that pair of trousers or dress? Be specific and write down what you want, and when you want to achieve it by. If you don’t have a set target, you’re on a long road to nowhere, with plenty of up’s and down’s!

confusing directions

2) A plan to follow. This could be a workout plan and/or nutrition plan. My MRPT nutrition plan works for those that choose to follow it, but like most things that work, it only gives the best results when you follow all of it.

If you were in a car, driving somewhere you had never been, it would be so much easier if you had some directions in front of you telling you exactly where to go wouldn’t it?! If you didn’t you may get there eventually, but it would take a lot longer, and you wouldn’t be as happy! Exactly the same with fat loss – have a plan to follow, and follow it, because it works!!

food diary


3) Record what you eat and drink on a food diary. Again the majority of my clients that fill out a food diary, get better results and quicker. This is not only for me to look at and give feedback on, but it holds you accountable for your actions, and can make you really think about what and when you are eating. This option is certainly the best way to go when you are in the first few weeks of your target.


Follow these 3 key steps and you’ll get results. Don’t be one of the few who choose to cut corners, because in the end you’ll cut results.