MRPT BootCamp comes to Godalming!

For those of you that want to get fit and lose fat this year, whilst exercising in a fun, group environment, MRPT BootCamp could be the answer! Based in Godalming, Surrey, it is already attracting interest from people in Guildford, Haslemere, and surrounding Surrey towns!

You may have joined a gym as a New Year resolution, and are starting to realise that you’re left on your own after your induction, with no nutrition advice, and a lot of useless equipment?! Click here for my YouTube video describing the number of useless machines at the gym that you’re often inducted on!

However, with my BootCamp you get my MRPT Nutrition Plan which is gives proven results with my Personal Training clients, free of charge, you get exercises which work, and advice which will help your achieve your results. Follow these guidelines, and you could be dropping a dress of trouser size in just 4 weeks!

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If you still want to carry on at the gym, or even exercise from home then put your details into the box below and I’ll tell you if the exercises you are doing are wasting your time and effort, and advise you on those that will get you results!


I hope to see you at BootCamp!