Want to ditch some fat and shape up?!


Here’s your chance! I’m running a free to enter fat loss challenge for both men and women! Don’t worry, there are no winners and losers, it’s a challenge against yourself.

It’s against yourself to test your motivation, to test your focus, your willingness to succeed!

The Challenge will last 4 weeks. I will supply you with my MRPT Nutrition plan that I give to my PT clients, and I’ll supply some free bodyweight workouts for you to do at home or the gym.  This combination will get you leaner, and get your dropping fat.

To enter you just need to signup to my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum by clicking here, and enter your details on the Challenge box on the left.

The forum will have a section for everyone to support, comment and log their daily activities over the 4 weeks, and to let us know how you do results wise at the end of the 4 weeks. I have had PT clients lose up to a stone in 4 weeks, dropping dress or trouser sizes, increasing their energy levels, and flattening their stomachs – do you fancy this?!

The plan will be challenging, you’ll be eliminating certain foods that cause bloat and toxins, foods that you likely consume in large amounts every day, but strict adherence and a “can do” attitude is all that is needed to get the results!

What do I get out of it? Well just the fact that I’ve helped more people to get focussed and get some great results – and hopefully a few of you may write a small testimonial at the end?! Not a lot for what you will get!! 🙂

So, are you up for a change, and up for the challenge?! I’ll see you at the forum!