Ignorant parent and child obesity

Just sometimes these stories come up that leave you speechless.

I came across this one today of a 9 year old Russian boy weighing 23stone! His mother refuses to limit his food or put him on a diet because doctors have given him the all clear, and because “He is active, and does a lot of sport, therefore, he needs the energy” – yeah, like a gun needs a bullet!

There’s a picture of  a typical meal and further mindless quotes here at the full article.


Another film star gets in shape properly!


“Claims have been made that I’ve been on a strict workout routine regulated by co-stars, whipped into shape by trainers I’ve never met, eating sprouted grains I can’t pronounce and ultimately losing 14 pounds off my 5’3″ frame,” she writes. “Losing 14 pounds out of necessity in order to live a healthier life is a huge victory.” She continues, “I’m a petite person to begin with, so the idea of my losing this amount of weight is utter lunacy. If I were to lose 14 pounds, I’d have to part with both arms. And a foot.”

She did explain that she has been in training for the role and she explained her regimen consists of, “pull-ups, crunches, lunges, squats, jumping jacks, planks, walking, jogging and push ups.” In regard to getting into ’super hero shape’ she wrote, “There is no magic wand to wave over oneself to look good in a latex catsuit. Eating healthy and getting fit is about commitment, determination, consistency and the dedication to self-preservation.” She said: “I don’t need to be skinny to be sexy.”


Well said Scarlett – am sure my PT clients recognise those exercises from their routines too!!

10 Fitness tips from Jessica Biel’s Personal Trainer!


Jessica Biel 10 Tips with trainer Jason Walsh

Came across this article recently. My PT Clients should have heard most of these tips from me on a regular basis! Great tips to ensure fitness and fat loss success!

Usmagazine.com asked the hottest celebrity trainers how they get their clients into shape.

1. Change is good!
Jessica Biel’s trainer, Jason Walsh, likes to keep his client mentally stimulated. “I’m a big advocate of recreational sports and stuff. If someone can get out there, even if it’s a hike or something like that, just to break up the monotony of going to the gym…I really like that.”

2. Hard work is even better.
According to Walsh, Biel’s workouts are intense. “We do full body movements. You are pretty much using as many muscles at once, which in turn will jack that heart rate up.”

3. Food is not the enemy.
If you’re out and about as Walsh recommends, you need snacks and drinks to give you sustained energy. He suggests “really organic and clean foods, all natural, like nuts.” Also, “an amino acid drink, so that you’re not burning up a lot of your muscle, or protein.”

4. Everything old is new again.
Walsh loves to use medicine balls with his intermediate to advanced level clients. “Get a medicine ball and do a lunge with a twist while you are holding the ball. Those are great. You are activating so many muscles at once, and you are using those muscles over so many different plains.”

5. Healthy meals can be tasty.
Harley Pasternak, who works with Eva Mendes and Grey’s Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, taught both of the actresses how to cook meals with some easy, healthy substitutions. “Breakfast would be whole grain bread French toast with egg whites and cinnamon. For a mid-morning snack, they’d do a mixed-berry protein shake. Lunch might be sweet potato tuna melt. An afternoon snack might be hummus with celery sticks. Dinner would be spaghetti and meatballs with spaghetti squash and meatballs made of turkey or chicken breast.”

6. Just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it works.
Pasternak doesn’t do yoga or pilates with his clients. “Those are great forms of exercise for stability and balance, but neither one of those is going to change your body dramatically like training with weights does.”

7. The “F” word is not all bad.
Rachel McAdams‘ trainer, Jerry Owen, says, “The biggest problem is that people are fat phobic. It¹s clinically proven that we need healthy fat in our diets. You need to eat a balanced diet but not be afraid of fat, like Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts, olive oil and even coconut oil.”

8. Focus on your whole body – not just problem areas.
Owens tells Us the best way to lose weight and tone up is “to blend nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy. The body responds better. People get too wrapped up in doing isolated movement, like being very body part specific.”

9. All cardio and no lifting makes for bad workouts.
“People get too cardio-crazy and need to do more weight lifting,” says Owens. He explains that for many people on elliptical machines, “their heart Rate is about the same as if they were shopping around a mall.”

10. Everybody needs a break.
Owens delivers the best news possible: working out for more than an hour is a “waste of time.” He suggests gym-goers “take one to two days off a week: have a massage, make sure you get plenty of rest. The muscles actually change when they’re recovering.”


Celebrity fat loss just like you or me!

Came across this article today about Jessie Wallace from Eastenders, who has dropped 2 stone in under 2 months and a good few dress sizes.

She actually follows the plan I give to my PT clients, and Bootcamp members, and the same plan the guys on my Fat Loss and Fitness forum are following in the transformation challenge!

The best trainers use the best ideas and programmes to get results! Does yours?!

Fat Loss and Muscle Gain challenge!!

The first round of the 4 week Transformation challenge was a great success over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum. I supply the workouts, the nutrition plan, all free, you just keep posting with your progress and questions, follow the plans, and get the results….easy!!

This time round I’ve also added a “Gainers” challenge, for those looking to add on a bit of lean muscle.

If you want in, it starts Monday 6th July, is free and you just need to signup to my forum, upload a profile pic, be prepared to post on the forum, and be prepared for fat loss and muscle gain results!


See you there!

Core strength for tennis and sport


Well Wimbledon is well underway and our only chance, Mr Charisma, Andy Murray is through the the semi-finals!

Tennis players, but men and women have really improved their athletic figures over the years with functional, resistance training added.  There is no steady state running for them, they mimic a tennis match with short, sharp bursts of running, plyometric exercises, and plenty of core workouts which help generate power and force with each stroke, due to the rotational work involved around the waist for each shot.

Just think how many shots they must play during one match, and each with explosive power. That is a lot of endurance and power core training.

Most athletes will perform short sharp bursts of exercise, and those that do, have the best bodies. So ditch the endless 90minute gym sessions, or the 3-5 60+min runs a week and adopt and intense workout style and you will experience better results and quicker.


Here are some core exercises by Mr Charisma himself!