Do something on an “off” day!


I was at the supermarket today, and it amazes me how many people will drive, queue, and shuffle a bit more to get a parking space as near to the entrance as possible! You come into the car park, and there are plenty of spaces here, but people will join traffic queues, just in the hope there is a space somewhere neare the doors! This is plain laziness!

If you workout, hopefully 2-4 times a week, it doesn’t mean that the “off” days are just complete rest days, where you do nothing. You should aim to do 30mins of work that elevates your heartrate, and gets the body moving. Anything from playing with the kids, gardening, out for a walk or bike ride, even park near the entrance to the car park, and walk that bit further! It’s only a bit of exercise and in the weather we have at the moment – why not?!!


Alternatively, carry out some stretching on muscles you know are tight, or buy yourself a foam roller, and perform some STR (Soft tissue Release) on those tight/trigger point areas. Next time you workout, those muscles will feel great for it!

Don’t just rely on workout days – stay active, that’s why it’s a lifestyle!!


So just how much fat do you think you’ll lose?

treadmill runningOne of my forum members, has recently completed a 100mile “ultra marathon” – madness ?! Possibly, but if you find something you enjoy doing then it’s better than sitting on the sofa watching tv!!

Fiona has completed a few of these, so she knew what was ahead, and was hoping to finish in under 30hours ! Cutting a long story short, she finished in 29hrs 47mins, and under target! Through her approximate calculations, over the 30hours of continuous exercise, her “Weight loss over the weekend – about 5kg. Unfortunately, it’s mostly water not fat, so it’ll all go back on again. (crude calculation: 100ml = about 10,000 cals burned; less calories consumed = probably, around 2.5lb of fat loss max).”

So apart from highlighting her superb efforts to you, what is my point here?

Well, it’s to those people who choose to run or do steady state aerobics for the benefit of losing weight only. Not because they enjoy it, or like the challenge, but as a form of weight loss. Just look at what Fiona lost (approximately) by exercising continuously for 30hours……. 2.5lbs, ask youself, “So if that’s what she lost in 30hours, what is my 3x30min runs a week really going to do for fat loss?!!!”

Answer – not a lot really!

Fat loss is predominantly food, and what you choose to eat or not to eat.

Exercise should be for enjoyment, and yes, will assist fat loss, but should not be the main reason for doing it. Find something you enjoy doing, take the emphasis off of fat loss, and you should find that results will come with enjoyment.

Failure and Tears!


Well this weekend, teams either got promoted to the next division via the playoffs, or got relegated from their current division. There were a lot of tears from fans as their team got relegated at the final whistle – but what could they do? Nothing. Yes, they gave vocal support throughout the season, but it was down to the players and the playing staff that got the team relegated. They got paid to do their job, and they didn’t do it.

Ensure that you do everything you CAN towards your health and fitness goals – these are things that you’re in control of, and can affect the outcome, so take responsibility and ensure you get promoted and not relegated!

Also, I watched some of the rugby 7’s on tv. I’ve really taken to rugby over the last few years, asI’ve got dis-illiusioned with football and the over-payed players, and minimal games that provide entertainment. Rugby on the other hand, is fast paced, all action, and full of athletic players. Gone are the days where rugby players were skinny, fast players in the backs, and short overweight guys in the pack. They are all lean, muscular powerful athletes who run, tackle, and put their bodies on the line for 80mins.

The 7’s is 7  a-side, using the full pitch for 7mins each way. In the final England played New Zealand and were 19-0 down at half time. Second half they turned it around to 19-19 in the last few seconds, and one with a sudden death try in extra time. The game was all about pace, stretching the opponents, and not stopping!

With the British and Irish Lions touring South Africa next week, there’s plenty of action to watch – tune in and see some real athletes playing for their pride, and their nations pride!

What gym kit?!!!


A few months back I got an email from Men’s Fitness magazine asking me if I’d like to contribute to an upcoming article “Which piece of kit should be in every gym”? You had 40 words to write your answer.

I straight away went for the TRX Suspension trainer. It’s a great piece of kit, very versatile and can be used in the gym, home or outside, working the whole body. So, I wrote my piece, emailed it off, and thought “It’s in the bag”, I’ll be in the next issue!!!

So, this month I pickup a copy in WH Smiths, and flick through. Interesting, a 2 page article on the TRX trainer and how you can work the whole body with this ingenious piece of kit….I like it, I must have my piece published as they’re running an article on the trainer?! So I turn the page to the feature in question.

Nope, I’m not there, so I read through the 4 Trainers who were selected and their suggestions for kit that should be in every gym;

1 – Kettlebells, Requires all muscle groups, especially the core, building strength throughout the body – (Fair enough, good choice, though there is a learning curve with kettlebells and you’re average gym go-er wouldn’t have a clue)

2- Resistance Bands – Excellent kit for strength and endurance exercises, perfect for limited space in the gym (WTF?! Strength? I haven’t seen anyone apart from bootcamps and rehabbers using these, and it’s there’s limited space in the gym you should talk to the management rather than resort to bands!)

3 – The Corestick – A bar with a weight in the centre utilising momentum to overload the abodminals, great for posture and muscle tone (Rubbish! Maybe if you want to do a gym class, but I’ve used one of these before, and all you get is a headache! Plus she used the phrase “improving muscle tone” which annoys me as muscle tone is just the muscle in a state of readiness, nothing to do with how to increase it. The day they become common in the gym, everyone should leave!

4 -(The best til last!) The Bosu Ball – Half inflated ball with a firm underside, with benefits in stability, strength and agility. Balancing on an unstable surface while exercising requires a real concentration and co-ordination. (Hell, maybe 5 years ago! Again, if these were in every gym -panic! They are great as a mini-trampoline buts that’s it! Not exactly functional training standing on one of these and exercising…how often will you do that in everyday life?!)

Then, to top things off, the article above, “The Big Debate”

“Is it Possible to Spot Reduce Fat?”

The “YES” guy is a Biosignature coach who talks about hormone imbalances and how you can re-balance the dysfunctional hormone and in turn-spot reduce.

The “NO” guy talks the usual “trainer” talk of how you’re body chooses where and how it removes fat, and how you must do a combination of resistance work and cardio work, yadda yadda yadda!!


So, am I bitter my article wasn’t included?!!

Ha ha !!! Well, maybe a small bit, but it just goes to show who is in charge of selecting the articles when some of the above is included, and just confirms the different levels of “trainers” out there.

Hey it’s Friday…..I can do what I like…..!!!

Have a good weekend! 🙂

Some things can be made harder!!

I laughed so hard I cried at this!!

Aim:  Spin around for 30 seconds with your arms out and looking at the sky. Stop spinning and then try to take a penalty!

Sometimes it’s better to do nothing!


I’m shattered! Have been pretty busy recently with PT and 6 Bootcamp classes a week, and this weekend was an accumulation of it all. Finished PT at around mid-day then and afternoon of kids stuff (with 18mnth old, 4 yr old and 3 yr old neighbour!) We had pre-planned to go out for a meal with friends Saturday night, and after getting there for 8pm, we didn’t start eating til 9.15pm. (I hate this! We normally eat around 5.30pm with the kids, and so my body is used to this. 9.15pm does not work!)

I decided to drive, as Wednesday last week I booked onto a “Hormone Profiling” course, similar to Bio-typing for Sunday!

So, we got home at about 11.30pm, to bed, the usual couple of wakeups in the night from children, and then up at 6.30am, breakfast and onto the train to London for the course. It was a fantastic course and lots of valuable information, but as those of you that have been on courses know, there’s a lot of mental stress as your brain “sucks” in the information.

By the time I got home it was 7pm, just in time to do bath and story times for kids, then some tea, emails, blog reports etc and it was bed time!

This morning I got up, shattered, at 6.30am to go an do a workout, as I knew I had 3 PT clients back to back.

BAD IDEA! I was wasted!! Got to the gym, did a minimal workout and attempted some weights – it just wasn’t there! No energy, interest, or spark. I decided to do some stretching, foam rolling, showered and went off to train.

It’s now 6pm, am just about to eat and am still run down! Still have a Bootcamp and PT client tonight before finishing at 9.30pm! I’m so looking forward to sleep!!

Sometimes, when you’re run down, it’s better not to work out. Even if it is a “workout day”, sometimes pushing things to the extreme will break the body down, cortisol levels will rise, and you’ll become ill.

It’s best, in these cases, to rest, eat healthily, drink plenty of water and get to bed by 10pm. This is my plan – I’ll let you know how I go!

P.S. Information coming on hormone profiling, and how you CAN spot fat reduce, and shrink those problematic body areas!

What and Why are you doing that?!

errr...what ya doin'?!

errr...what ya doin'?!

I love the gym! Not necessarily for working out, but for some of the bad things I see going on there!

Occasionally I will make a comment, such as “You may find you’ll get better results if you do that like this”, or “Do you mind if I suggest a better way to do that?!”, but sometimes I just stand and stare, and shake my head in disbelief!

This week I saw 2 things going on, and both on the same visit! I rushed to my bag for my blackberry, with the view of sneakily recording these guys, and putting them on here, but by the time I was ready, they had finished! I was gutted!! Maybe next time!

Anyway, the first guy was lying on his back, flat on the matted area. He then started doing some “situps” to 90degrees, with his legs still flat, and his arms by his sides, coming up with a flat back! Ow….after cranking out about 8 he moved on!

The second guy had me wincing. He was on the Lat Pulldown machine, with a reasonable amount of weight added. As he pulled the bar down, he lent right back. I’m talking right back, almost to horizontal pulling the bar down to around his belly button!! I sh*t you not!!! He then flew back to upright as the bar went up, then he cranked it back down, leaning right back! This just hurt my back watching him! As he had his mp3 player on, I left him alone. He goes regularly, so next time I see him………….I’ll film him!!

If you don’t see anyone else doing an exercise the way you do, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Check youtube, check forums, check blogs, there are plenty of resources nowadays, there is no need for exercises to be performed badly or dangerously….hey if there was a gym instructor around maybe they could say something?!

Got any stories or gym peeves?!!