The “new” Fat Fighter?!!

Scanning through a freebie “fitness magazine” (they have the same name as my bootcamp so sent it free with a view to me advertising in it!) there was a page long advert for yet another miracle “fat loss” pill.

On further reading it sounds similar to that massively successful “Alli” pill which came on the market, and has dissapeared equally as fast!

However, there was an exert from it, and a heading which I just had to comment on!

Here it is;

“Have you ever wondered why sea animals never get fat? Now this new revolutionary slimming substance has finally been discovered and developed into a remarkable diet pill.”

Prof. Sandrine Gautier PhD. (expert in polymer science) dedicated several years’ research to come up with a high powered and patented diet pill with no side effects. Now she has discovered the special ingredient millions of women and men have always dreamed of: Xipisan. The idea is as brilliant as it is simple. Have you ever seen an overweight fish? Or an oyster with a few pounds too many? Everyone knows that sea animals never get fat. That’s because their bodies contain Xipisan- extract from Aspergillus Niger which is now available as a diet-pill at your pharmacy for everybody who wants to lose unwanted fat.

– Errrr NO! I’ll tell you why sea animals never get “fat” – because (1) rarely do they stop moving, a still fish tends to be a dead fish! (2) Because they don’t eat crap! They don’t have take-a-ways, they don’t have alcohol, they don’t have biscuits and crisps – they eat what they are supposed to! That’s why they aren’t fat you foolish woman!!

And at the bottom;

Victoria Keane (45) housewife: “7 weeks ago I weighed 12st 8lb (size 18) now I am down to just 9st 4lb (size 12)! During this time I didn’t change my eating habits at all: the pounds must have disappeared due to the new slimming capsule.”

– Rubbish – this pill will not have had that much effect in such a little time without any changes to your diet. She was probably given nutritional advice along with the pill, and I guarantee the nutrition advice would have been what caused the weight loss, as drastic as that was!

Everyone is always looking for a pill or a quick fix as the answer.
How bought making some changes that will enhance you’re health at the same time?
– Remove alcohol in the week?
– Only have a takeaway once a month?
– Remove sugar from your diet for 2 weeks?
– Stop eating high amounts of Saturated fat in the first place?!

You didn’t get fat because you were missing the “magic pill” you got fat because you didn’t move enough and ate too much of the wrong foods!
Make some changes and stick to them!
Clean up you’re diet, and you’ll clean up your life!


Killer workout!

Hey guys!

Firslty apologies! I’ve been busy! That aint no excuse, but I’ve now got a system of organising things so EVERYTHING should run more smoothly, including more regular blog posts!!

OK, I had a 3 day mentoring course a few weeks back in Guernsey via Jon Le Tocq, who is known for his “intense” workouts!
On the second day, he decided to put 9 of us PT’s through a workout.

It wasn’t pretty!

If you want to see some pain, some PT’s struggling, watch this video!
a 15 minute, non-stop round. Prowler Pushes, burpees and pressups.

Hmmm, yes, I’m the one at the end sitting down, not looking too fresh!!

If you’re gonna workout, workout hard!!

Resolving workout fatigue

Sometimes you don’t have that spark for a workout, or muscles are still aching from a previous workout.
Yes, sometimes a rest day is as good as a workout, but if you’re there and want an alternative, try the following;

Problem – Aching legs from a football/sport or heavy legs workout
Exercise Resolution – Jump onto a static bike, plug in some tunes and go for a “steady state” cycle – keep the resistance low to moderate and look to spin the RPMs around the 70-80 mark for approx 15-20mins. This will get the blood around the body and legs in particular delivering key, fresh nutrients to those “worked” muscles, whilst assisting with removal of lactic acid and by-products. Finish with some static stretching.
Supplement Resolution – Vitamin C and a good strength Omega-3 oil will help with internal inflammation. Nitric Oxide or Arginine before the session is also good for blood vessel dilation to assist with nutrient delivery and by-product removal. Alternatively Magnesium oil is a fantastic muscle relaxant – spray this on the worked muscle before bed and wake up with fresh muscles!

Problem – Feeling round shouldered and slouched from sitting at the desk all day?
Exercise Resolution – Stretch out the pec muscles(those that tighten and round the shoulders) and then run through some pulling exercises, incorporating movements into the body. This will work the upper back muscles which will not only pin them back, enhance your posture, but will give you that feeling of “opening up” from the desk gorilla position!

Problem – General muscle ache due to previous workout
Exercise Resolution – Rather than hammering the muscles again, before they have properly healed, either pick a light weight you can perform 15-20 reps with and bash out 2-3 controlled sets of full body exercises to increase new blood flow to the area without causing further damage both to the muscles and the central nervous system (the nerves control your muscle stimulus as well as your “overtraining system”) or pick 5 full body movements, and run through 3-4 rounds of a bodyweight circuit – squats, pressups, lunges, burpee, inverted row, plank.
Again enough to get the muscles working and the blood flow moving, but without additional external resistance which could cause more damage than benefit.

Feeling low and in need of a pre-workout pickup? Here are a few;
1) Caffeine – a shot of espresso 30mins before a workout will give you the stimulant needed to power on. Advisable not to take after 4pm due to the stimulant effect
2) Try 5g of Tyrosine before the session to enhance mental clarity and alertness
3) Acetyl L Carnitine, 2g mid morning will keep senses alert and can help with fat oxidation.
4) 15mg of zinc before bed, or 5-HTP will help sleep levels, thereby increasing recovery and freshness for the next morning.

Breakfast ideas for Summer!

Summer is the time for a FRESH breakfast!

Breakfast does not, and should not be based around cereal. Most cereals have too much sugar, meaning a huge blood sugar spike and energy crash and hour or so later, are too high in carbohydrates (unless you have an active job you won’t burng them off), and generally contain very little to benefit or assist the body.

An ideal breakfast will have a good balance of carbs, protein and good fats.

One I’m enjoying at the moment is;

A handful or berries, some pineapple, a protein shake and a good handful or cashew, almonds and brazil nuts.

Here you will get some great antioxidants from the berries (which will mop up free radicals in the body which cause cells to damage and in turn affecting health and immune system), protein from the shake, and some great fats for regulating hormones in the nuts, along with a good does of vitamins. Ocassionally I’ll add in a wholemeal rice cake with some cashew nut butter.

Some melon, served with parma ham and a protein shake or some nuts is another refreshing option.

You don’t have to eat a breakfast, you can drink it! Combine the above in a belnder, add some rice milk, handful of oats or seeds, some greek yoghurt and you’ll hvae a great breakfast meal full of vitamins and minerals!

If you do feel the need for cereal, and not every day, then go for a wheat free museli with rice milk, or Waitrose stock an Organic puffed rice cereal.

Want something different then try my magical savoury sweet pancake!

Make an omellete with free range eggs, as it starts to set, chop up a banana and scatter over the omellete. Then throw a handful of blueberries on, sprinkle generously with cinnamon (proven to control blood sugar levels, key for fat loss!) and serve with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter on the side. Eat some of the omellete/pancake and smear with peanut butter.,…..DO NOT knock this til you try it!!

Wash it down with a glass of water and a cup of green tea and you’re on you’re way to a great day!

Remember breakfast SHOULD NOT be sugary cereal and some toast, washed down wtih a mug of coffee to wake you up – this is the way to go if you want to stay or become overweight. Breakfast should be the first meal to change if you want to lose weight and increase energy.

5 TOP Nutrition tips

1. Breakfast – as you’ve often read, it is THE most important meal of the day. You wake up, and blood sugar levels are low. The worst thing you can eat now is a sugary bowl of cereal that will drive blood sugar levels sky-high, resulting in an energy crash an hour or so later, and will start the fat storing process with it. Aim for a balanced breakfast of Pink grapefruit and a rice cake with organic peanut butter, some berries (now is the time to eat these antioxidant rich foods!) and handful of cashew and brazil nuts, scrambled egg on wholemeal toast, wheat-free museli with rice milk. Aim to drink a large glass of water, and substitute that morning caffeine stimulant with a cup of green tea.

2. Plan your snacks. Too many people leave snacks to chance. This will result in grabbing the nearest thing (often a packet chocolate bar, pastry or biscuit) when hunger strikes. Chop up some enzyme rich, raw vegetables the night before and store in a Tupperware box in the fridge –carrots, cucumber, pepper, celery, and graze on these mid morning and afternoon. The enzymes in raw vegetables with help your digestive system function correctly, and the fibre will keep you fuller for longer. You also won’t get he dreaded insulin/blood sugar highs and lows.

3. Lunch – Summer is perfect for salads. They don’t have to be boring, like most things they are limited by your imagination. Start with a base of rocket and watercress and add colour! Peppers, beetroot, radish, tuna, pine nuts, mango, sundried tomato, goats cheese, olives. The better it looks to the eye, the better it will taste. This is a great way to get food that will digest easily, keep you topped up with nutrients, but is low in calories – perfect for that slimmer waist!

4. Evening meals – Keep portion sizes smaller than normal, stay away from starchy carbohydrates like potatoes and rice. Aim for meat and vegetables. Also look to cut out alcohol during the week. Alcohol is just a form of sugar to the body, which will cause bloating, will feed your body useless calories it cannot use, and will encourage your body to store weight on your “love-handles” Also, people that drink at night tend to snack more (on junk food too) than those who don’t.

5. Aim to drink 2-3 litres of fresh, filtered water. We’re looking to rid toxins in the body and get the body processing all of the nutrient rich foods above. Without water (your body is made from over 65%) these jobs will not be as effective, and you’re slowing your results down!

Healthy Flapjacks!

I don’t tend to follow a recipe, but here is the ingredients;
Healthy Flapjacks!
– Oats
– Rice Milk to make moist
– Spoonful of Greens powder
– 2 handfuls Cacao Nibs
– 2 table spoonsHoney
– 4 tablespoons Organic Peanut Butter
– 3-4 scoops Brown Rice Protein
– a good shake of Pumpkin Seeds
– tablespoon Flaxseed powder

Mix everything to a moist consistency, and then into the oven, 170degrees for 20mins or so, leave to cool and cut.
I needed to make this batch a little moister, hence their falling apart!

New Online Training site!

I’ve been really busy over the last few months with my Personal Training business in Surrey, my Bootcamps around Surrey, and have attended some great courses with some of the UK’s top trainers!

I’ve recently setup a new Fat Loss and Fitness community site, for people who REALLY want to shape up, change their body, get fitter and enhance their lifestyle.

I will only be opening 10 places per month to ensure that those enrolled get a first class service.

If you’d like to secure one of the 10 places drop me an email to and we’ll arrange your account for just £47 per month.

The results will speak for themselves!