Post lunch tiredness?!

Many people go through the above, around about 2-3pm.

If this is you, you need to address your daily, food, and primarily your lunch.

If you’re eating a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a chocolate bar, you need to change this! You’re taking in too many carbohydrates, and too many sugary ones too.

Switch to some lower GI, slower burnings carbs, and integrate some good fats, and protein.

A favourite of mine at the moment is;
Water cress and rocket salad Base
Cottage Cheese
Chilli infused beetroot
Live sprouts
Avocado oil.

The above is full of protein, good fats and enzyme rich foods that will assist the digestive system and help transport nutrients to the body for energy.

Ditch the sluggish, processed foods, and go for live, colourful, vibrant foods as this is how you’re daily energy levels will duplicate the food you eat!


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