Healthy Banana and Protein Muffins!

Here is a cracking recipe for HEALTHY yummy muffins!

Makes 10 muffins


50g Butter
75g Brown Sugar
1 Egg
225g Spelt or Wholemeal Flour
2-3 Mashed Bananas
Pinch Salt
1 tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Vanilla or Almond Essence
5 Tbsp Milk
100g Chocolate Protein Powder
75+% cocoa Chocolate, few squares crushed
2 handfuls of Oats

– Combine everything in a large bowl
-Spoon into 10 non stick muffin cases
– Bake at 190degs for 20mins

– 165kcals Protein – 4.1g (or 14g with 100g protein powder), Carbs – 27g, Fat – 5g, Fibre 2.2g

Great for mid morning or afternoon snacks, and with the oats and protein powder great for pre-workout. Get on it and feedback!!!