So just how much fat do you think you’ll lose?

treadmill runningOne of my forum members, has recently completed a 100mile “ultra marathon” – madness ?! Possibly, but if you find something you enjoy doing then it’s better than sitting on the sofa watching tv!!

Fiona has completed a few of these, so she knew what was ahead, and was hoping to finish in under 30hours ! Cutting a long story short, she finished in 29hrs 47mins, and under target! Through her approximate calculations, over the 30hours of continuous exercise, her “Weight loss over the weekend – about 5kg. Unfortunately, it’s mostly water not fat, so it’ll all go back on again. (crude calculation: 100ml = about 10,000 cals burned; less calories consumed = probably, around 2.5lb of fat loss max).”

So apart from highlighting her superb efforts to you, what is my point here?

Well, it’s to those people who choose to run or do steady state aerobics for the benefit of losing weight only. Not because they enjoy it, or like the challenge, but as a form of weight loss. Just look at what Fiona lost (approximately) by exercising continuously for 30hours……. 2.5lbs, ask youself, “So if that’s what she lost in 30hours, what is my 3x30min runs a week really going to do for fat loss?!!!”

Answer – not a lot really!

Fat loss is predominantly food, and what you choose to eat or not to eat.

Exercise should be for enjoyment, and yes, will assist fat loss, but should not be the main reason for doing it. Find something you enjoy doing, take the emphasis off of fat loss, and you should find that results will come with enjoyment.


No matter what the challenge stick to it, and enjoy the results!


This weekend I spent 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, preparing the ground, putting up a shed and staining it!!!

For me this was a big thing as I am cr@pat DIY! Honestly, I’m rubbish! I enlisted the help of my neighbour Jon, who gave some guidance and manual help throughout the weekend, and by 6pm Sunday, it was finished! Just look how pleased my daughter is running around!! Ha!

It’s not a check out my shed post! It’s a “I knew it had to be done, I knew I had the weekend to do it in, it’s done, and I’m really happy with it”

The same should be said with your health/fitness and weight loss goals. Set your target (exactly what you want to do), decide when you’re doing to have this finished by (go for exact dates, not just in a few weeks, otherwise my shed would never be finished!), and then sit back and be happy with your results when you get there! It feels so good when you achieve something that seems a long way off at first, but once done you will know you worked hard towards achieving it and that’s what counts.


Congratulation also to Fiona and Sarah from my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum who both completed the marathon at the weekend in 3hr 42mins, and 4hrs 1min – great work girls, another show of goal setting, commitment, training and rewards!

Go  for it, choose your goal, set your targets, work had and achieve!