Breakfast ideas for Summer!

Summer is the time for a FRESH breakfast!

Breakfast does not, and should not be based around cereal. Most cereals have too much sugar, meaning a huge blood sugar spike and energy crash and hour or so later, are too high in carbohydrates (unless you have an active job you won’t burng them off), and generally contain very little to benefit or assist the body.

An ideal breakfast will have a good balance of carbs, protein and good fats.

One I’m enjoying at the moment is;

A handful or berries, some pineapple, a protein shake and a good handful or cashew, almonds and brazil nuts.

Here you will get some great antioxidants from the berries (which will mop up free radicals in the body which cause cells to damage and in turn affecting health and immune system), protein from the shake, and some great fats for regulating hormones in the nuts, along with a good does of vitamins. Ocassionally I’ll add in a wholemeal rice cake with some cashew nut butter.

Some melon, served with parma ham and a protein shake or some nuts is another refreshing option.

You don’t have to eat a breakfast, you can drink it! Combine the above in a belnder, add some rice milk, handful of oats or seeds, some greek yoghurt and you’ll hvae a great breakfast meal full of vitamins and minerals!

If you do feel the need for cereal, and not every day, then go for a wheat free museli with rice milk, or Waitrose stock an Organic puffed rice cereal.

Want something different then try my magical savoury sweet pancake!

Make an omellete with free range eggs, as it starts to set, chop up a banana and scatter over the omellete. Then throw a handful of blueberries on, sprinkle generously with cinnamon (proven to control blood sugar levels, key for fat loss!) and serve with a tablespoon of organic peanut butter on the side. Eat some of the omellete/pancake and smear with peanut butter.,…..DO NOT knock this til you try it!!

Wash it down with a glass of water and a cup of green tea and you’re on you’re way to a great day!

Remember breakfast SHOULD NOT be sugary cereal and some toast, washed down wtih a mug of coffee to wake you up – this is the way to go if you want to stay or become overweight. Breakfast should be the first meal to change if you want to lose weight and increase energy.


4 Responses

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  2. fruits are very necessary for better health and to keep fit in vitamins in body. and make a balanced timetable for diet and exercise. because exercise is also very important to loose weight and fat.

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