Do we need this?!


There is an advert on TV at the moment that (maybe I need to relax more?!) pi**es me off!

It has a family, playing around the house, and then the mum calls them over to the kitchen where she opens up a big bag of chocolate, and shares them out with the kids. The slogan then comes up “A bigger bag for a bigger family!”

That’s right! If we get bigger bags of chocolate that’s exactly what you’ll get! A bigger family!

Firstly, do companies really need, or should they be allowed to advertise chocolate and sweets? It’s not exactly the best snack for people? Sure if the kids we’re out playing football, or an hour at the playground fair enough, but nowadays, most kids over 6 are stuck in front of the tv or playing video games, not exactly burning calories, and not needing sweets, helping towards possible diabetes and further obesity levels.

Sure, I give my kids a bit of chocolate here and there, but certain times, and in controlled amounts, and I don’t feel there is a need to advertise it on TV, and certainly not in “bigger bags”

What do you think?! Am I being picky or is there still too much “Go Large?!” on the worse choices of “food” ?