Fat Loss and Muscle Gain challenge!!

The first round of the 4 week Transformation challenge was a great success over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum. I supply the workouts, the nutrition plan, all free, you just keep posting with your progress and questions, follow the plans, and get the results….easy!!

This time round I’ve also added a “Gainers” challenge, for those looking to add on a bit of lean muscle.

If you want in, it starts Monday 6th July, is free and you just need to signup to my forum, upload a profile pic, be prepared to post on the forum, and be prepared for fat loss and muscle gain results!


See you there!


Who has the look?!

Saw a post on another blog the other day regarding celebs and ‘hot’ bodies!

Sure these guys have the time and money to invest in training and nutrition, but at the end of the day, the results won’t come easily, the hard work has to be put in, each and every session.

If you want something, you have to commit, and put the effort in.

Here are some who have done that;

Lance Armstrong – I don’t have any ‘hero’s’, but this guy is probably my nearest, for everything he has achieved and conquered.

Not a bad body for someone who spends most of his time on a bike?!



Brad Pitt – In Fight club, Brad has his top off in most scenes, so the work had to be put in!FIGHT_CLUB


Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds – Both trained hard for Blade 3, and I’d say got the results?!




And if you want further motivation for your training, check this video below. Jessica especially knows how to train and move!

Have I missed anyone? Let me know of anyone who fit’s the look!!

For once, I’m lost for words!

Not sure what to say really, should she be congratulated on her work so far, or just pushed away to a dark corner where she probably belongs?!!

I’ll leave it to you guys!!