Healthy Flapjacks!

I don’t tend to follow a recipe, but here is the ingredients;
Healthy Flapjacks!
– Oats
– Rice Milk to make moist
– Spoonful of Greens powder
– 2 handfuls Cacao Nibs
– 2 table spoonsHoney
– 4 tablespoons Organic Peanut Butter
– 3-4 scoops Brown Rice Protein
– a good shake of Pumpkin Seeds
– tablespoon Flaxseed powder

Mix everything to a moist consistency, and then into the oven, 170degrees for 20mins or so, leave to cool and cut.
I needed to make this batch a little moister, hence their falling apart!


New Online Training site!

I’ve been really busy over the last few months with my Personal Training business in Surrey, my Bootcamps around Surrey, and have attended some great courses with some of the UK’s top trainers!

I’ve recently setup a new Fat Loss and Fitness community site, for people who REALLY want to shape up, change their body, get fitter and enhance their lifestyle.

I will only be opening 10 places per month to ensure that those enrolled get a first class service.

If you’d like to secure one of the 10 places drop me an email to and we’ll arrange your account for just £47 per month.

The results will speak for themselves!