10 Top Tips to lower your BMI!

Following my discussion with BBC Radio breakfast presenter Nick Wallis this morning, I’ve continued the theme by listing below 10 tips to reduce or get your BMI down!

  1. Ensure you eat breakfast, and that it is nutritionally balanced. Your body needs to kickstart it’s metabolism in the morning after a night’s sleep. What you eat will determine your energy levels for the next few hours, and also how your body will function. Miss breakfast and you will be sluggish, and will set your body further into fat storing mode. Eat a high sugar breakfast like a pastry, or sugar added cereal (honey nut, coco- xxx, frosties etc) and you will get a massive blood sugar spike, resulting in the release of insulin, which can be a fat storage hormone. You will also feel hungry sooner , and energy levels will crash. Aim for porridge, low sugar museli, fruit with mixed nuts and live bio yoghurt, eggs, grilled bacon, tomatoes.
  2. Water! Our bodies are made from over 65% water, and it has many jobs, including the delivery of nutrients around the body, but also the removal of toxins and fat cells. Being dehydrated can often lead to over-eating, fatigue, and headaches. Keep a bottle with you throughout the day and refill each morning. Aim to drink at least 1 ½ litres a day.
  3. Leave out carbohydrates from mid afternoon. Carbs aren’t bad, it’s just that we tend to eat too many! Their primary job is to be broken down into glucose, stored, and used for energy. But if you aren’t expending energy, possibly through a sedentary job, these carbs have to go somewhere, and so get stored as fat. By carbs I’m talking pasta, bread, potatoes etc.
  4. Aim to leave no more than 4 hours between eating. This can take the form of a snack like an apple and a 3-4 nuts, chopped raw veg, or some oat cakes. By leaving longer, your body will go into starvation mode, releasing hormones which will store the next food consumed as fat. Prepare your snacks the night before so that they are ready, and planned. NOT sugary snacks.
  5. Try not to eat after 8pm at night. Your metabolism slows down during the afternoon to evening time and so it will take longer to break down food from here. Evening meals should consist of protein and vegetables. Definitely stay away from potatoes, breads and pastas at this time. Where possible, have your larger meal at lunch time which will assist this process. If you feel ‘snackish’ in the evening aim to eat some chopped carrot or celery which is low in calories, high in fibre and will make you feel fuller. Also drink more water!
  6. Cut out added sugar! Everything that ends in an xxxxOSE is sugar! This is cakes, biscuits, sweets, in hot drinks or cereals. It is refined and causes high levels of insulin to be released, as described in point 1. The whole key to fat loss is keeping a high metabolism and  balanced blood sugar levels. Sugar will not help!
  7. Aim to limit/swap/cut out cow’s milk and cheese. Many people, without knowing it are lactose intolerant. In our stomach we have masses of different enzymes which assist in breaking down the various food groups. The sugar in cows milk is lactose, and the enzyme responsible for breaking this down is called lactase. Some people produce less of this enzyme and so therefore the lactose is not broken down properly, and turns into a toxin, which in turn causes bloat or stomach cramps. Switch to soya or goats milk which is easier on the stomach. I have, and can vouch that it has given me more energy, and easier going on the stomach.
  8. Cut back on wheat based products. This includes bread, cakes, pies, pasta. The gluten contained within these products again causes toxic issues in the body, resulting in bloat, and stomach issues similar to lactose intolerant people. When you do have these foods, aim to have wholemeal versions which are better nutritionally and not bleached or devoid of nutrients like their white versions. Try to limit to 2-3 times a week.
  9. Cut out the packaged/processed and take away food. This stuff is often high in calories, and specifically the packaged meals, are pretty empty on vitamins and minerals. Food needs to be natural and fresh to contain vitamins and minerals. If stuff has been pasteurised, processed etc, it has been altered. Be it for storage or looking after that best before date, it isn’t fresh!
  10. Eat for your day! Food is our energy source –  If you have a sedentary job, or day ahead, look to reduce the number of calories you consume. Food, in particular carbohydrates, are your main source of energy, and if you are not expending the calories, they will be stored as fat! So if you will be taking the train or car to work, then sitting at a desk most of the day, eat small, graze, every 3-4 hours, and don’t digest large, calorific meals. Your body will not burn these calories, and you will gain weight! If this is the case, really look to cut back on carbohydrates from lunchtime, and consume protein and vegetables (raw carrots, cucumber etc at work) for the rest of the day. TRUST ME – if you don’t burn the calories, your WILL gain weight!

Combine the above points with some regular exercise and you will be feeling and seeing the benefits. A qualified Personal Trainer or outdoor exercise sessions like BodyFit Bootcamps will ensure you are doing the right exercises, with the right intensity, coupled with qualified nutrition advice. This will ensure that the 2 main areas for continued fat loss and health are covered.


Fat Loss and Muscle Gain challenge!!

The first round of the 4 week Transformation challenge was a great success over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum. I supply the workouts, the nutrition plan, all free, you just keep posting with your progress and questions, follow the plans, and get the results….easy!!

This time round I’ve also added a “Gainers” challenge, for those looking to add on a bit of lean muscle.

If you want in, it starts Monday 6th July, is free and you just need to signup to my forum, upload a profile pic, be prepared to post on the forum, and be prepared for fat loss and muscle gain results!


See you there!

Take action, take responsibility!


Over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum, we’ve been running a 4 week transformation challenge, involving my nutrition plan I give to my PT clients and some home workouts.

This week is week 3 of 4, and the progress so far is great!

Everyone is losing weight, feeling so much better, and they all have bundles of energy compared with before the challenge started.

The main reasons they have stuck to the plan and the 4 week challenge is that;

1) They had a plan to follow, workouts to follow, and a deadline or goal of 4 weeks.

2) They had somewhere to ask questions, to talk with each other, and have that social support aspect

3) They were accountable for themselves (by placing up measurements at the beginning) and they regularly post up what they’ve eaten each day.

This way you’re not cheating yourself, and as well as being self-accountable, they don’t want to be seen letting the rest of the “team” down.


This is the way to ensure results.

What’s your goal? When is your target? What are you doing to get there? What are you going to do to ensure you reach those targets?


Feel free to join our forum, where you’ll be welcome, and will have a higher chance of succeding with your goals! Join, up, place a post, ask questions etc, you only learn through asking and reading!

So just how much fat do you think you’ll lose?

treadmill runningOne of my forum members, has recently completed a 100mile “ultra marathon” – madness ?! Possibly, but if you find something you enjoy doing then it’s better than sitting on the sofa watching tv!!

Fiona has completed a few of these, so she knew what was ahead, and was hoping to finish in under 30hours ! Cutting a long story short, she finished in 29hrs 47mins, and under target! Through her approximate calculations, over the 30hours of continuous exercise, her “Weight loss over the weekend – about 5kg. Unfortunately, it’s mostly water not fat, so it’ll all go back on again. (crude calculation: 100ml = about 10,000 cals burned; less calories consumed = probably, around 2.5lb of fat loss max).”

So apart from highlighting her superb efforts to you, what is my point here?

Well, it’s to those people who choose to run or do steady state aerobics for the benefit of losing weight only. Not because they enjoy it, or like the challenge, but as a form of weight loss. Just look at what Fiona lost (approximately) by exercising continuously for 30hours……. 2.5lbs, ask youself, “So if that’s what she lost in 30hours, what is my 3x30min runs a week really going to do for fat loss?!!!”

Answer – not a lot really!

Fat loss is predominantly food, and what you choose to eat or not to eat.

Exercise should be for enjoyment, and yes, will assist fat loss, but should not be the main reason for doing it. Find something you enjoy doing, take the emphasis off of fat loss, and you should find that results will come with enjoyment.

Want to ditch some fat and shape up?!


Here’s your chance! I’m running a free to enter fat loss challenge for both men and women! Don’t worry, there are no winners and losers, it’s a challenge against yourself.

It’s against yourself to test your motivation, to test your focus, your willingness to succeed!

The Challenge will last 4 weeks. I will supply you with my MRPT Nutrition plan that I give to my PT clients, and I’ll supply some free bodyweight workouts for you to do at home or the gym.  This combination will get you leaner, and get your dropping fat.

To enter you just need to signup to my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum by clicking here, and enter your details on the Challenge box on the left.

The forum will have a section for everyone to support, comment and log their daily activities over the 4 weeks, and to let us know how you do results wise at the end of the 4 weeks. I have had PT clients lose up to a stone in 4 weeks, dropping dress or trouser sizes, increasing their energy levels, and flattening their stomachs – do you fancy this?!

The plan will be challenging, you’ll be eliminating certain foods that cause bloat and toxins, foods that you likely consume in large amounts every day, but strict adherence and a “can do” attitude is all that is needed to get the results!

What do I get out of it? Well just the fact that I’ve helped more people to get focussed and get some great results – and hopefully a few of you may write a small testimonial at the end?! Not a lot for what you will get!! 🙂

So, are you up for a change, and up for the challenge?! I’ll see you at the forum!


No matter what the challenge stick to it, and enjoy the results!


This weekend I spent 5 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday, preparing the ground, putting up a shed and staining it!!!

For me this was a big thing as I am cr@pat DIY! Honestly, I’m rubbish! I enlisted the help of my neighbour Jon, who gave some guidance and manual help throughout the weekend, and by 6pm Sunday, it was finished! Just look how pleased my daughter is running around!! Ha!

It’s not a check out my shed post! It’s a “I knew it had to be done, I knew I had the weekend to do it in, it’s done, and I’m really happy with it”

The same should be said with your health/fitness and weight loss goals. Set your target (exactly what you want to do), decide when you’re doing to have this finished by (go for exact dates, not just in a few weeks, otherwise my shed would never be finished!), and then sit back and be happy with your results when you get there! It feels so good when you achieve something that seems a long way off at first, but once done you will know you worked hard towards achieving it and that’s what counts.


Congratulation also to Fiona and Sarah from my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum who both completed the marathon at the weekend in 3hr 42mins, and 4hrs 1min – great work girls, another show of goal setting, commitment, training and rewards!

Go  for it, choose your goal, set your targets, work had and achieve!

Your diet decides all!


No matter how well you exercise, if your diet isn’t healthy, regular, and balanced, you won’t get the body you’re after.

Don’t believe me?!…………

I was driving to one of my Personal Training clients this morning, when I stopped at some roadworks. Next to the lights, was a building site, where there were guys lumping crates of bricks, pieces of timber, generally a lot of heavy manual work.

They probably do this day in day out for most of the year – so basically working out every day, for about 8 hours a day (give or take their 2 hour lunch and tea breaks!)

However, the sun was out, and so what I saw was not finely toned bodies, and rippling six packs, but reasonable looking arms, and big stomachs overhanging trousers and belts, and generally looking like a bad sight! (no pun!)

Now surely when they’re working out daily under such physical stress, they should be in shape? Not really, when you look at their diet, and the front dashboard of their vans, where there are bottles of coke, packets of crisps, pasties, cakes and other chocolate. These guys live on fat, processed food and stimulants!

Change your diet, and compliment the hard work you put into your workouts, and you’ll get the rewards you’re after!