Ignorant parent and child obesity

Just sometimes these stories come up that leave you speechless.

I came across this one today of a 9 year old Russian boy weighing 23stone! His mother refuses to limit his food or put him on a diet because doctors have given him the all clear, and because “He is active, and does a lot of sport, therefore, he needs the energy” – yeah, like a gun needs a bullet!

There’s a picture of  a typical meal and further mindless quotes here at the full article.


Do we need this?!


There is an advert on TV at the moment that (maybe I need to relax more?!) pi**es me off!

It has a family, playing around the house, and then the mum calls them over to the kitchen where she opens up a big bag of chocolate, and shares them out with the kids. The slogan then comes up “A bigger bag for a bigger family!”

That’s right! If we get bigger bags of chocolate that’s exactly what you’ll get! A bigger family!

Firstly, do companies really need, or should they be allowed to advertise chocolate and sweets? It’s not exactly the best snack for people? Sure if the kids we’re out playing football, or an hour at the playground fair enough, but nowadays, most kids over 6 are stuck in front of the tv or playing video games, not exactly burning calories, and not needing sweets, helping towards possible diabetes and further obesity levels.

Sure, I give my kids a bit of chocolate here and there, but certain times, and in controlled amounts, and I don’t feel there is a need to advertise it on TV, and certainly not in “bigger bags”

What do you think?! Am I being picky or is there still too much “Go Large?!” on the worse choices of “food” ?

Child Obesity taken to a new level…


A story in one of today’s paper has taken child obesity levels to a new level.

A “mum” of 24, is feeding her 8 month old triplets around 1,400 kcals a day, including crisps, McDonalds and other processed rubbish.

“They like the taste of them and it’s a treat. I let the triplets eat fries off my plate as I think it’s best they try all kinds of food to see what they like.”

Leanne steers away from healthy foods in case it makes her tots anorexic. She said: “I don’t want them to think they have to watch what they eat. I’ll tell them big is beautiful.”

Disgusting really, and if you want to read the full report, click here.

Some people are just brain dead.

Do we help or hinder our childrens nutrition?

I took my youngest daughter to our local softplay this afternoon (An inside play area with ball pit, padded climbing area, etc for toddlers).

The first thing that hits you when you go in is the smell of grease and fried food! I cannot believe the amount of cr*p food available to buy there! Sweets, crisps, chocolates, pizza, fizzy drink. The healthiest thing was a box of raisins! No wonder kids get hyper and obese if these sort of foods are on offer.

And how ironic is it that this sort of rubbish is sold at a place for kids to burn off energy, and get some exercise?!! A bit ironic really!

I feel like doing a Jamie Oliver, going in, giving them an overhaul and trying to get some healthy options in there!

At the weekend I went supermarket shopping – I love trolley watching when at the supermarket!

Especially when you see someone who is clearly overweight, and then at their trolley contents and you can see how they got like this!
Multiple bags of crisps, bottles of 2litre coke, frozen meals and pizzas, biscuits, cakes, sweets, white breads and pasta. Nothing natural, just loads of additives, stimulants, artificial food, which does nothing for the body, and just piles on the calories.

It shocks me even further when you see their children with them, who may well be overweight, and you just feel sorry for them, they have no chance really.
It is just laziness when it comes to this type of shopping. OK, not everyone has the money to buy organic, but it only takes a few cook books, a browse of the internet to see how to make a dish with some chicken, mince and vegetables etc.

I’ve seen TV programs where the parents have said, “But they don’t like that stuff, I’m not gonna waste my money on stuff they won’t eat!”More cr*p! They don’t like it because they don’t eat it enough! They are used to high salt, high sugar foods, and their taste buds are ruined!

As my Dad used to say when we were at home, “It’s not a cafe!, Eat it or go hungry!”

Come on, give your kids a chance, even if you don’t give a cra*p about yourself!