Why sit-ups are a waste of time!

I get asked at Bootcamps and PT sessions why we don’t do sit-ups!

These are thought of, by most, as THE exercise for a flat stomach! Wrong – magazines and alike will always talk about crunches and situps, but really, they are a waste of time, and could be more damaging than you think.

1) A flat stomach is made in the kitchen – you can crunch/exercise all day long, but if you’re not eating, clean, whole, natural foods, you won’t get anywhere near a flat stomach.

2) Your abdominals basically flex you at the waist/trunk, making you bend forward. As everyone has been told, you should bend at the knees, not at the lower back, especially when lifting a weight – therefore this automatically makes the sit-up redundant!!

3) How many calories do you burn doing 10, 20, 100 situps?!! Probably about 10!! Exercise should be all about burning calories, and using as many muscles for a movement/exercise as possible. THIS will burn calories, will increase your metabolism, will get your body moving as a unit, as it is designed to. THIS will help towards a flat stomach, thinner legs and arms etc!

4) How many people do you know that say “It’s hurts my back or neck when I do situps?” Again, people do it wrong, or it shows that the exercise isn’t working what it should!

5) How about those people that say I can do, or I do 100 situps a day! Well, obviously the exercise is too easy! Intensity is what exercise should be about – making something challenging – this is what gives the body a reason to change! You can’t do 100 chinups, or jump lunges or pressups or deadlifts etc etc – these exercises work the body and show that intensity works!!

6) Stick to core stability exercises like planks, side planks, supermans, rotation work like twists, and cable work, side flexion work. Get your body moving as it would do daily – not just in a forward and backward movement that you WILL not use in your daily life.

Exercise should be all about strengthening your body, and making your daily activities easier and more manageable – don’t waste your time with small, non-functional exercises.

Workout hard, workout smart, eat sensibly and your body WILL change for the better!

2 Responses

  1. So true!! It would be nice if we could “sit up” our way to a flat, sexy stomache. Diet is key to getting those type of abs!
    alexandra demetriou, OTR/L CHT

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