Gyms need to do more!

I was in our local gym for a workout yesterday, and saw something I often see – people working out incorrectly, with bad form, and no gym instructor around to correct or help.

Surely it is the gyms responsibility to continue with their clients safety, education and progression once they have had their induction, and taken their money?!

These particular guys were deadlifting, with a narrow stance and rounded backs. I offered my advice on correcting it, which they gladly took, and asked further questions. I don’t mind helping, especially if it’s going to keep them safe, but this should be the job of the instructor, who sits behind their desk, playing on the computer.

They also advertise PT within the gym but there is no active searching or floor walking going on. These guys would be perfect for a few PT sessions. Correct their form, offer advice, then offer some PT sessions to get them working correctly and more safely -simple…..but it doesn’t happen.

Thankfully there are some good Personal Trainers around who offer advice, train clients effectively and safely, but this should surely be the norm for gyms as well? No wonder many people leave their gym membership within a few months when there is no continued support, motivation or interest shown?


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