Home made protein flapjacks

Have recently decided to move to Organic Brown Rice Protein after hearing some good things and benefits. Must say it’s quite earthy to drink but once it’s down, it’s down! Anyhow, used it today to make some great Protein Flapjacks. Reasonably calorific, but I’m trying to up the kcals at the moment, so here it is!

200g Oats, Rice milk(to make a moist substance),Handful pumpkin seeds, 120g rice protein, 4 tablespoons wholearth peanut butter, 4 tablespoons organic honey, 2 tablespoons of Oatbran(optional)

Mix it all to make a moist dough.

Greasproof paper a dish and spread evenly.

Place in fridge til firmer. Mine is like a fudge flapjack – better than the home-made protein bounce balls I’ve made!


One Response

  1. I’ve since cut the honey down to 2 tablespoons, and added a good dash of apple juice to sweeten instead. You want a moist consistency for a nice “fudgey” texture!

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