Try Organic!

Earlier this week one of my PT clients brought me some eggs from her chickens she keeps at home.

When it came to breakfast the next day, they looked the same, the yolk seemed a bit “heavier” but once I beat the eggs, I noticed a difference straight away – it was a lot darker yellow than supermarket free-range eggs.

I couldn’t pin point the difference in taste, but there was one, they seemed a bit lighter?!

Anyhow, the same is with organic meat. If you try an organic roast chicken you’ll notice how much more tender and moist the meat is.

“General meat” has been treated with anti-biotics to keep the animals “healthy” – it’s of no use to a farmer if his stock/product is ill or under-size. Therefore the animals are fed water-retaining foods, antibiotics and other “supplements” that will keep the meat as full as possible.

Go Organic for a week, and see the difference in taste and texture, it will be worth it!

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