Prepare now for Christmas!!


Christmas is now just 8 weeks away – can you believe it?!!

With the average person gaining between 5-8lbs over the xmas period, now is the time, to start tightening the calories and getting the hard work in.

Not only to get yourself in good shape before the Christmas “overload” but chances are you have a Christmas party coming up and the chance to show yourself off!

Therefore, commit the next 6-8 weeks to hard work, (aim for 4-5 workouts a week, and not just cardio workouts!) minimise alcohol, certainly during the week remove it, and cut back on processed foods like takeaways and packaged food. Look after your body and the results will be visible to both yourself and others – surely everyone want to look good and get great comments?!

Keep your eyes on my youtube account, by clicking here, for some great workout ideas that will keep the calories burning all day long, and sculpting a great body! Feel free to click the subscribe button to my YouTube account, as I’ll be adding more workouts/videos over the next few weeks!

ACT NOW – Christmas will come fast!


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