And you can’t reach your goals?

Looking through last Sunday’s newspaper and came across a real heart wrenching article. Next time you fail to meet a goal or target you set through weakness or lack of commitment, bear this in mind;

An article entitled “Mummy Manual” and was about a mum of 33 who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, leaving a husband and 2 young children. The husband, said “Lisa was a wonder woman when it came to bringing up our daughters”. When she was told she had months to live, she set her “own 12 page goals manual” for her husband to follow and achieve, on how she would like her children cared for, and brought up.

She gave her husband every tiny detail of how she wanted their daughters to be brought up, from making sure their homework and reading was done, to a list of new clothes they would need each year. She explained to the children that “Mummy had poorly blood and that she was going to die. Amelia(3) was too young to understand, but Ella (5) did.

Some of these further notes/goals included;
My thoughts on Christmas – “Stockings til the age of 18!”
….Food – “Vegetables and fruits, not too much pie”
….Family and traditions – “try to eat Sunday lunch together – the family that eats together stays together! Good chance to talk and catch up. Talk about mummy – things that I liked and didn’t, things that made me laugh”
….Birthday’s – “Don’t make parties too big/extravagant – don’t be a competitive Dad!”
….Clothes – “Please don’t let them look too old too early. No tarty slogans or tshirts!”
….School – “Make sure you’re on time and clean and tidy (Ella and Amelia that is!!)

My thoughts on bedtime – “Should be calm, lot’s of cuddles – and always, “I love you”.

I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t/isn’t moved after reading the above.

If a mum can spend her last few months of life putting together such a manual, which outlines her wishes for the future, her goals on how her children should be looked after and brought up, once she has gone, I’m pretty damn sure we can all put out efforts into one month of no alcohol, takeaways, or packaged food, and ensure we eat sensibly and exercise hard, to ensure our goals are met.

Start planning and action those goals TODAY!

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