Fat Loss Tip #6 – Accountability



One of the main reasons people “fall off the wagon” during a fat loss phase, or a when working towards a goal, is that they don’t set levels of accountability at the beginning and during the task.

What do I mean by this?

1) At the beginning, work out what you are doing and why.

This shouldn’t just be I want to lose weight, or be a bit slimmer. How much slimmer? How much weight do you want to lose, and when by?

You have to be specific. Something like I want to lose 6lbs by 20th October is a specific goal. I want to be able to do the button up on this pair of jeans or skirt, by 15th October is a specific goal. If you don’t set a specific aim, and an end date, you’re leaving yourself open to days of “Oh it doesn’t matter if I have this chocolate bar” or “Oh, I’ll start properly next week”. You must have heard those phrases before?!!!

By choosing a specific goal and a completion date you have your reason and you have your focus. This should then be your motivation during this period, and should stop you from straying. Each time you hit an “obstacle”, ask yourself “Will this help me to get nearer or push me further from my goal?”

2) Record your progress

Again, if you don’t record you’re progress you won’t really know what worked and what didn’t.

This means; keep a daily food diary of everything you eat and drink – this not only keeps you focussed on your eating habits but you can see trends, and where you may not have eaten enough, or too much, It also stops many people from eating that biscuit or cake, because it has to be logged – be truthful to yourself and this will be a powerful tool!

Record your workouts, and daily activities. This will allow you to see what you lifted, or how many repetitions you completed last time, so you can ensure that you beat, or do a bit more than the last workout. This progression will ensure your body is “overloaded”, and the stimulus needed to change is applied. If you lift the same weights for the same number of repetitions each workout, you are not progressing, and therefore you give your body no reason to change. The same applies if you’re performing intervals – look to “up” the resistance, speed, time or incline each time, so that your continually trick/overload the body to work a bit more than last time.

Recording your goals and your progress will be key to ensuring that you set manageable and achievable aims, and that you are continually moving on the right path to success, both physically and mentally.


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