Fat Loss Tip #5 – Healthy Snacks


A lot of people go wrong here, by making the wrong choices, either through a lack of planning or self-control.

How many times have you been hungry mid-morning or afternoon, are in a rush and reach for the nearest item, often something pre-packaged like a bag of crisps, chocolate bar or biscuit, or the vending machine?

The snacks are often high calorie, contain high levels of sugar (tip#1) and contain minimal beneficial calories. Chances are you’ll soon be hungry again in a few minutes and will reach for the next fix/stimulant.

Aim for snacks which are likely to keep you feeling full til the next meal, but also something that will be of benefit to the body, both in nutritional content and balanced for your insulin levels.

Great choices would be;

– chopped raw vegetables

– A protein bar or protein ball (see this post on my blog https://markpt.wordpress.com/2009/05/10/your-own-protein-bounce-ball/)

– a piece of fruit or some berries, along with a few nuts or a piece of goats cheese(this ‘good’ fat will slow the release of the fruit sugars into the body, minimising insulin release)

– Celery with peanut butter

– Oatcake or Ryvita with cottage cheese

– Small pot of greek yoghurt with berries and seeds

– Parma ham with melon

– Crudite with hummous

All it takes is some preparation the night before, and you will have no excuses for going “off-track” and you’re energy levels will thankyou for that extra prep!

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