Fat Loss Tip #2 – Alcohol


The quickest way to consume a large number of useless calories, and to spike you’re insulin levels is through drink.

There is around 180kcals in a glass of wine or a pint of beer. All of these calories are useless to the body, and provide no nutritional value at all. Take 3 of these (a small night out for most!) and you get 540kcals. Seeing as though most people only need to cut back around 400kcals a day to lose weight, you can see where a couple of glasses of wine a night can affect your weight. Alcohol also sends to cause bloating in most people, raising cortisol levels, and in turn, through long-term drinking you will store excess fat on your stomach and face.

fizzy drink cans

Fizzy drinks are another artificial form of drink– a can of coke is around 120kcals, but contains around 7 heaped teaspoons of sugar – a lot of damage to your teeth and a massive insulin spike, ready to store excess carbohydrates as fat!! Remember these are just drinks, not the extra food and drink you consume during the day! I wouldn’t like to think what some of you consume on a weekend………

I’m not saying remove alcohol from your diet completely, but just be aware that each drink you have contains empty calories, and will add onto your daily consumption. If you‘re looking to cutback calories, then these should be the first to remove, if you’re consuming them regularly.

Stick to water(2+litres per day) and green tea(2+cups per day), not only will the body function better, but your skin will look clearer, energy levels will be higher, and you’re body will work more efficiently as it transports nutrients around the body, and removes toxins.

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