Fat Loss Tip #1

OK, first day’s tip……

Cut back on sugary and packaged foods


Sugar is one of the worst “foods” you can consume if you’re trying to lose fat. Every time you eat sugar, you get a massive sugar rush into the bloodstream (the energy high), this releases insulin, a hormone from your pancreas which regulates blood sugar levels, and pulls this sugar from your blood stream, for your own protection.

If you’re carbohydrate stores are full (in your muscles and you liver, as carbohydrates are used for energy) they will store this sugar as fat. If you don’t have an active job, you are unlikely to be burning many calories, therefore everytime you eat something sugary, you are increasing your fat stores….simple as that. This includes, cakes, biscuits, sweets, fizzy drinks, ice cream and packaged foods as below.

Check the ingredients of a product – where it says carbohydrates, below it will say, “Of Which Sugars” pay attention to this figure……5g is about 1 level teaspoon…..you will be surprised!!


Packaged foods often fall into the sugary department, as they often contain high levels. The other thing they contain are non-natural foods. Checkout how often wheat is included in something packaged, words you struggle to pronounce. Basically it is man-made, and something the body cannot process into nutrients, and therefore will turn into fat or a toxin in the body.

Eat foods that are natural, and minimise sugar and processed foods – you’ll be surprised at your elevated energy levels alongside a flatter stomach, better skin, and a healthier digestive system.

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