Overweight and proud = stupidity

This week my eldest daughter started school for the first time, and it was great to see her in the first stages of ‘properly growing up’!

I went to collect her on the first day, and as I walked up to the classroom, I came across one of those “If only I had my camera” head-shaking moments.

A mum had already collected her daughter – the mum being a good 4 stone overweight, and wearing a black T-shirt with “All Natural Curves” emblazoned in bright pink sparkly letters.

There were 3 things wrong with this;

1) Her child, who wasnt even 5, was a mini version of her, already overweight and looking like a mini-marshmallow kid.

2) There is nothing “natural” about those curves – if anything the T-shirt should have read; “All UN-natural curves” because the food she would have eaten, or is eating, is certainly not going to be natural foods (Vegetables, fruits, nuts, meats, eggs etc) it’s more likely to be un-natural, man-made, packaged foods such as pizza, pastry, crisps, breads and sweets.

3) She is obviously happy/proud of herself to be wearing such a T-shirt with a comment like that?!!

I might be wrong……..but I doubt it.

It is very hard, almost impossible to get/be overweight if you’re eating “natural” foods – these are foods that the body is designed to eat, and can actually do something with.

If you regularly eat the “un-natural” variety you are overloading your body with foods it can’t digest, foods that cause irritation in the digestive system, and result in bloating, toxins, and a lack of energy, performance and health/skin/wellbeing issues. This in later life causes you further illness, NHS fees, and health issues which could quickly reduce your life expectancy, a great future for you and your family…..

Not only that, but you’ve already started your child on a slippery slope towards obesity, possible diabetes and other health related issues, before they have even started school or can make choices for themselves.

Children learn from others, especially parents – therefore, don’t be proud of something that blatantly isn’t right, take charge, take responsibility for yourself, and take action. It’s not all about you.

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