Essential for fat loss

Keeping Insulin level for fat loss results

Insulin is stored in the pancreas, and is released everytime you eat carbohydrates(which get broken down into sugar) with it’s main job being to ensure blood sugar levels do not get too high. It is a storage hormone essentially, and if you’re glycogen stores (the name for stored carbohydrates) are full, it will convert these sugars to fat. Therefore it makes sense to keep insulin levels to a minimum. To do this;

1)    NEVER eat carbohydrates by themselves, this includes fruits – always eat some protein or fats with it, to slow the sugar release in the body (small piece of goats cheese, few nuts, peanut butter, protein powder, ham/meat, eggs)

2)    Keep sugar intake and sugary products to a minimum or remove them – not only will they spike blood sugar levels, but they are fat storage in a hit. They will also affect energy levels, by raising blood sugar levels, giving you an immediate energy lift, then as insulin does it’s job and pulls things out, you’ll get the energy crash.

3)    You could try supplementing with Chromium or fenugreek which are known to balance out insulin levels. I’m experimenting with both at the moment, and will keep you updated with results.

Remember, carbs aren’t bad, it’s just how, and when you eat them.

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