Increase your protein intake for better results!


Too many people eat, too many carbohydrates! Carbs aren’t bad – they don’t make you fat, excess calories in any form do, but generally as a nation, we eat too many carbohydrates.

Carbs get broken down into sugars and stored in the liver, and the muscles for our daily energy needs. Once your carb stores are full, the excess sugars have only one way to go, and get stored as fat. Therefore, if you do not have an active day/job, you should really look to cut back on carbs, and consume more “good” fats (oils, coconut, nuts, avocado, olive oil, fish oils) and protein in particular. Protein(meats, fish, eggs, protein powder) gets broken down into Amino Acids, which is a lot harder to store as fat, but also uses around a 1/3 of the total calories, during the breakdown phase of the protein. It will also keep you fuller for longer, which is why you should add more to your diet, aiming for some in every meal, especially breakfast.

Sometimes it is hard to get a source of protein in, especially for breakfast, which is why I recommend a having a protein supplement. It is derived from milk, and is a natural source, supplying around 25g protein (not far off a chicken breast) per drink. Granted, some brands taste foul, but I use the following brand (no commission!) and would honestly recommend purchasing some, so you can take it at breakfast and times during the day, when you find protein consumption difficult (including directly after your workout)

If you use voucher code MP795 at checkout for a discount off your first order!


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