Core strength for tennis and sport


Well Wimbledon is well underway and our only chance, Mr Charisma, Andy Murray is through the the semi-finals!

Tennis players, but men and women have really improved their athletic figures over the years with functional, resistance training added.  There is no steady state running for them, they mimic a tennis match with short, sharp bursts of running, plyometric exercises, and plenty of core workouts which help generate power and force with each stroke, due to the rotational work involved around the waist for each shot.

Just think how many shots they must play during one match, and each with explosive power. That is a lot of endurance and power core training.

Most athletes will perform short sharp bursts of exercise, and those that do, have the best bodies. So ditch the endless 90minute gym sessions, or the 3-5 60+min runs a week and adopt and intense workout style and you will experience better results and quicker.


Here are some core exercises by Mr Charisma himself!


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