Be prepared with your food!


If your goal is fat loss or muscle gain, you have to be like a boy scout, and be prepared with your food.

If you’re not prepared, you’ll go hours without food, you’ll miss meals, your blood sugar levels will crash, increasing fat storing enzymes, and you’ll leave yourself open to emergency/panic food selections, which often lead to the wrong choices.

I train PT clients who are often on the road, driving to clients throughout the day. I advise them to prepare their snacks and food the night before; place snacks like chopped vegetables, nuts, protein balls etc into tupperware pots so they are easily accessible and portable. If they don’t have them, they will either miss their snack break, or they will lose motivation and resort to a service station.

This week I travel to my parents in France. I know the food there can be high in fat (cheese),  not ideal (french bread), and limited in choice as we aren’t too near to the supermarkets. Therefore I’ve stocked up on beef jerky, protein bars, and ensured our shopping of oats, lean meat, fruit and vegetables is pre-ordered (via the parents!!)


Be a boy scout, and be prepared – it eliminates one of the routes to failure!

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