To you want Fat Loss and Fitness Results for free?!

The way to surefire results!

Well, finally Summer has arrived in the UK!! I hope it’s been better around the world?! Over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum it’s ALL going on!

1) We’ve just finished the first 4 week transformatin challenge, where I have given all entries the same nutrition plan I give to my PT clients for their results. I also supplied a number of workouts to be done at home or the gym, and everyone kept their updates going on the Transformation Challenge forum.

Results, were great! 15 pounds lost, 6lbs lost, , 6 inches lost, comments such as; “However its probably really dramatic to say this but it has changed my life! I was suffering from constant headaches and pretty lethargic – after dropping caffeine and wheat i am no longer suffering as many headaches, ive certainly got more energy and no longer bloated”

 I will be running another challenge soon, bigger and better. Feel free to signup to the forum for next time! (The forum is setup for anyone who want to chat fitness and learn – I expect you to make posts – it’s the only way you learn through asking/reading/trying!)

2) We’ve been discussing sportsman/celebrities that have bodies that have been earnt(Halle Berry “Casino Royale” Beach body, Ryan Reynolds “Blade 3!) and I’ve also listed their workouts, and how they got there. Some of their workouts are very similar to ones I’ve also posted on the forum, and on my youtube site! Rest assured I only give exercises and workouts that work!!

3) I’ve also started a thread for everyone to update weekly, which will ensure everyone keeps improving both with exercise and nutrition. There are also a couple of big additions coming soon which will further ensure results – don’t waste time, come over to the forum if you’re willing to contribute and willing to change! Summer will be over before you know it otherwise!!

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