Take action, take responsibility!


Over on my Fat Loss and Fitness Forum, we’ve been running a 4 week transformation challenge, involving my nutrition plan I give to my PT clients and some home workouts.

This week is week 3 of 4, and the progress so far is great!

Everyone is losing weight, feeling so much better, and they all have bundles of energy compared with before the challenge started.

The main reasons they have stuck to the plan and the 4 week challenge is that;

1) They had a plan to follow, workouts to follow, and a deadline or goal of 4 weeks.

2) They had somewhere to ask questions, to talk with each other, and have that social support aspect

3) They were accountable for themselves (by placing up measurements at the beginning) and they regularly post up what they’ve eaten each day.

This way you’re not cheating yourself, and as well as being self-accountable, they don’t want to be seen letting the rest of the “team” down.


This is the way to ensure results.

What’s your goal? When is your target? What are you doing to get there? What are you going to do to ensure you reach those targets?


Feel free to join our forum, where you’ll be welcome, and will have a higher chance of succeding with your goals! Join, up, place a post, ask questions etc, you only learn through asking and reading!

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