For once, I’m lost for words!

Not sure what to say really, should she be congratulated on her work so far, or just pushed away to a dark corner where she probably belongs?!!

I’ll leave it to you guys!!


2 Responses

  1. Well I kind of think she has done well to shape her body! The boobs still look ridiculous and I think her pose does her no favours as does the bikini! I think if she had a bit more on and adopted a different stance then she’d look a whole load better!

    Now for the bitchy bit – she can transform her body to within inches of its life but at the end of the day she’s still Jodie Marsh!!


    • Ha ha!! Agree with all your points Sarah! – She has dug her hole and people already pre-judge her, and rightly so!
      Yep, she’s still not someone you’d take home to your mum!!

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