Do something on an “off” day!


I was at the supermarket today, and it amazes me how many people will drive, queue, and shuffle a bit more to get a parking space as near to the entrance as possible! You come into the car park, and there are plenty of spaces here, but people will join traffic queues, just in the hope there is a space somewhere neare the doors! This is plain laziness!

If you workout, hopefully 2-4 times a week, it doesn’t mean that the “off” days are just complete rest days, where you do nothing. You should aim to do 30mins of work that elevates your heartrate, and gets the body moving. Anything from playing with the kids, gardening, out for a walk or bike ride, even park near the entrance to the car park, and walk that bit further! It’s only a bit of exercise and in the weather we have at the moment – why not?!!


Alternatively, carry out some stretching on muscles you know are tight, or buy yourself a foam roller, and perform some STR (Soft tissue Release) on those tight/trigger point areas. Next time you workout, those muscles will feel great for it!

Don’t just rely on workout days – stay active, that’s why it’s a lifestyle!!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mark,
    What you have just mentioned about the parking never fails to amaze me. Especially as a little further away you can normally find a couple of spaces together, so can swing straight in, have space to open your doors etc rather than squeeze into that spot 50m nearer to the shop.
    As you were,

  2. Yup! Park close and risk car dents and lazyitis, park further away, get more of a tan, more exercise, and freedom to open all doors!! 🙂

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