Failure and Tears!


Well this weekend, teams either got promoted to the next division via the playoffs, or got relegated from their current division. There were a lot of tears from fans as their team got relegated at the final whistle – but what could they do? Nothing. Yes, they gave vocal support throughout the season, but it was down to the players and the playing staff that got the team relegated. They got paid to do their job, and they didn’t do it.

Ensure that you do everything you CAN towards your health and fitness goals – these are things that you’re in control of, and can affect the outcome, so take responsibility and ensure you get promoted and not relegated!

Also, I watched some of the rugby 7’s on tv. I’ve really taken to rugby over the last few years, asI’ve got dis-illiusioned with football and the over-payed players, and minimal games that provide entertainment. Rugby on the other hand, is fast paced, all action, and full of athletic players. Gone are the days where rugby players were skinny, fast players in the backs, and short overweight guys in the pack. They are all lean, muscular powerful athletes who run, tackle, and put their bodies on the line for 80mins.

The 7’s is 7  a-side, using the full pitch for 7mins each way. In the final England played New Zealand and were 19-0 down at half time. Second half they turned it around to 19-19 in the last few seconds, and one with a sudden death try in extra time. The game was all about pace, stretching the opponents, and not stopping!

With the British and Irish Lions touring South Africa next week, there’s plenty of action to watch – tune in and see some real athletes playing for their pride, and their nations pride!

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