What and Why are you doing that?!

errr...what ya doin'?!

errr...what ya doin'?!

I love the gym! Not necessarily for working out, but for some of the bad things I see going on there!

Occasionally I will make a comment, such as “You may find you’ll get better results if you do that like this”, or “Do you mind if I suggest a better way to do that?!”, but sometimes I just stand and stare, and shake my head in disbelief!

This week I saw 2 things going on, and both on the same visit! I rushed to my bag for my blackberry, with the view of sneakily recording these guys, and putting them on here, but by the time I was ready, they had finished! I was gutted!! Maybe next time!

Anyway, the first guy was lying on his back, flat on the matted area. He then started doing some “situps” to 90degrees, with his legs still flat, and his arms by his sides, coming up with a flat back! Ow….after cranking out about 8 he moved on!

The second guy had me wincing. He was on the Lat Pulldown machine, with a reasonable amount of weight added. As he pulled the bar down, he lent right back. I’m talking right back, almost to horizontal pulling the bar down to around his belly button!! I sh*t you not!!! He then flew back to upright as the bar went up, then he cranked it back down, leaning right back! This just hurt my back watching him! As he had his mp3 player on, I left him alone. He goes regularly, so next time I see him………….I’ll film him!!

If you don’t see anyone else doing an exercise the way you do, chances are you’re doing it wrong. Check youtube, check forums, check blogs, there are plenty of resources nowadays, there is no need for exercises to be performed badly or dangerously….hey if there was a gym instructor around maybe they could say something?!

Got any stories or gym peeves?!!

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